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Your urine is exactly the same color. Early in pregnancy (before 12 weeks) you may need to pee little and often as the uterus presses on your bladder. After 12 weeks it rises out of the pelvis and you should be fine until the end when the babies head presses on your bladder again.

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What color should urine be to be pregnant

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Q: When pregnant what color is your urine and how often do you have to pee?
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When your urine is clear are you pregnant?

Clear urine simply means that you have drank extra water or fluid, and then it came out in your pee. It's actually healthier to have clearer urine, not dark or yellow. Being pregnant should not change the color of your urine, and clear urine does not indicate whether or not you are pregnant.

Does your pee change color when you are pregnant?

I have three kids every time that I was pregnant my urine was cloudy. I had a friend that worked at a lab, and he said that it is a common thing, but it doesn't change color.

What color is poodles pee?

The poodle dogs urine (pee) is yellow.

Did Oprah pee in the color purple?

No. Pee or Urine is yellow or orange.

When is the pee color red?

When there is blood in the urine.

How do you know if your child has a bladder infection?

If the smell is stronger then usual, the urine has a stronger color then usual, it hurts when they pee, they pee often. They can also have a stomachache where the bladder is.

What color is your pee when you are pregnant?

Bright yellow

What is the pee pregnancy test?

It tests urine for hormones and can tell if you are pregnant

What if your pee is is getting darker?

Drink more water. The color is from minerals dissolved in urine. Drink more, pee more, lighter color. Some vitamins cause significant darkening of urine, but mainly affected by hydration.

Why if the bladder had 16.9 oz of urine can you not pee?

Urine is pee.

How does bleach react to pregnant pee?

Same as with urine from a non-pregnant person. There's a myth going around that you can test of you are pregnant this way but that is not true.

What does it mean when your period is late and you pee way to often?

your pregnant

What colour is black peoples pee?

The color of urine depends on type of diet alone and not skin color or race. Normal urine color ranges from light yellow to dark yellow.

Can you change the color of your urine?

yes typically you can just take a pee and put food color in the toilet oprah

Can dark urine mean your pregnant?

it means that your pee is very concentrated, considering how much fluid passes through a womans body when she is pregnant. it would actually be the oposite of dark urine.

What is the color of urine of a pregnant women?

If you're drinking a lot of water, it will be a pale yellow. If you're water intake is less than it should be, it will be a more intense yellow. It's the same as if you're not pregnant. You don't pee pink or blue just because your pregnant.

When pregnant is pee dark in the morning and light through out the day?

Such color change is normal, but may be more noticeable when pregnant. It tends to be darker in the morning, because you likely didn't drink much through the night. The urine is more concentrated. Throughout the day, you begin taking in fluids, and the urine dilutes.

Can you use a pregnant girls pee for your probation urine test?

No, you cannot use a pregnant girl's urine for YOUR probation urine test. If you do, it will be the wrong DNA, the doctors will be confused and if you have a problem, the doctors won't be able to identify it with an incorrect urine sample! You could be endangering yourself!

What color is hamster pee?

im guessing yellow? just as any living thing's urine in!

Is makeup made up with horse pee?

No, but a drug called Premarin is. Premarin is short for PREgnant MARes urINe.

Do cranberry pills clean opiates out of urine for testing?

No, just make you pee more often

Can you use smokeless tobacco prior to a urine test?

you can but it is bad for you and no good test pee will have a bad color.

What is lizard pee?

Lizard pee is the urine of a lizard.

What does brown feline urine mean?


What animals pee in a color other than yellow?

Urine is made up of water and other waste products. Depending on an animal's food and water intake and health issues urine can change color. Horse urine ranges in color from yellow to red and even darker.