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not sure what you mean by format. the repo man can pick it up at your house,work ,shopping center, or were ever they find it "parked". they can not take it when your driving.{i mean,they can't pull you over or any thing like that}

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Q: When repossessing a car what format does a tow company have to follow?
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Does the repossession company have to notify the police that they are repossessing a car before they take it in Missouri?


If a mechanic has a mechanics lien on your car will this prevent the finance company from repossessing your car or prevent you from voluntarily having car repossessed?

No, what will happen is this: the finance company will pay off the mechanics lien (usually) and tack that on your loan balance, it would be considered a repo fee.

Can auto repossession be negotiated?

The company repossessing the car has no authority to negotiate terms with you. They are simply there to repossess the car. You must negotiate with your lender. Hopefully, you will do this before the the repossession order is submitted by the lender.

Can a car be repossessed from your employers private driveway .?

Yes. If the person repossessing the car finds it then they can take it!

How do you go about repossessing your car in Kentucky?

Repossess your own car? What did you do, meet your wife at a family reunion?

How do you reposess a commercial vehicle?

It's more the same as repossessing a car.

Can you stop a bank repossessing your car?

Yes, pay your payments on time.

Towing driver damaged car repossessing it so who is responsible?

Towing driver.

Can a tow truck just take your car?

If they are repossessing the vehicle for the bank, Yes.

How much money do you get paid for repossessing a car?

I'm sure it depends on where you are, but the finance company that I used to work for paid between $150 and $300 per car, depending whether the customer voluntarily surrendered the car or whether the repo agent had to take it.

You owe finance ona car but cant afford the repayments what can you do?

You should contact the finance company. Perhaps, you can make smaller payments and stretch out the loan or perhaps you can turn the car in and avoid them the trouble of repossessing the car in exchange for not having your credit ruined.

Where do you take your car to voluntarily reposes it?

You call the finance company and state your intent to them. Either they'll send a recovery agent to repossess it, or you might be able to take it to the repossessing agent.

Can they reposses the car 24 hours a day?

Yes. There is not much point in repossessing a car for only a part of the day!

Can they move another car while repossessing a car?

Yes As long as they do no damage to it and put it back, it is legal. Per U.C.C.

Do you have to have a repossession license to repo a car if you work for or own the car lot that is repossessing it?

general rule NO, but check with your state to be sure

What legal measures does company have to do before reposing a car in al?

The car company has to provide all the necessary notices before it can repossess a car. Also, the company has to follow the proper procedure, and avoid any actions that harass the car owner.

Can you get your car back after repossession?

Yes, you can get your car back but you only have ten days to do so before the car goes to auction, in order to get your car back you must bring the full amount of payments you are behind to the repossessing company. The lender can deny you the car back also, depending on how many times you made late payments.

Is there a time limit for repossessing a car?

Unless you have a payment plan figures out with your loan company(I.E. i can pay 100 this month instead of 200) they will usually wait 90 days to proceed with the repossion process.

If you are a co-signer on a car loan and the car is repossessed are you given the option to buy the car yourself before it is taken to auction?

no you do not get to puchase the vehicle before it is auctioned the loan company will have tried to contact you to make the payment it would then be up to you to get the car from the other person by way of repossessing it yourself through small claims court

What are the lien holder's rights for repossessing a vehicle?

What are the rights of a lienholder on a car title when it comes to repossion of a vehicle?

What will happen if you bought a vehicle and gave it to a third party to lease out and the loan company is repossessing because the contract was not paid and you do not have the money to pay it off?

They will repo the car, sell it, you will pay the difference on what it sells for and the balance on the note.

Who can repossess your car?

An Authorized Recovery agent working on behalf of the lien holder can repossess the vehicle from the lessee. It is Illegal in the state of Indiana for someone who works for/ at the car lot or for the lien holder to repossess a vehicle under the car lot/ lien holder's company name. The duty of repossessing a car must be hired out to a recovery agency.

How far behind in car payments must you be for gmac to repossess yhour car?

I think with any auto finance company you must be 90 days to 120 days delinquent on your loan before they start considering repossessing the vehicle. Beware, within that same time period, your car, truck, or etc.. will be repossessed.

If someone is late paying you money and you have a promissory note how do you go about repossessing the car?

Talk to you local county attorney.

Can a car that's repossessed be entered by towing company without authorization?

The order of repossession is their authorization to enter the car. If your car is being repossessed, it means there's a lien on it, and the lienholder called for the repossession to be carried out. You don't own the car - the lienholder does, until you pay off the lienholder and they relinquish the title to you. So yes, that tow company doing the repossession has every right to enter the vehicle they're repossessing.