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Sugary foods should be eaten sparingly, in small amounts, usually as dessert after the main meal of the day.

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Q: When should sugary foods be eaten?
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What kinds of foods should be eaten more?

Healthy and organic foods should be eaten more.

What are the disadvantages of oily and sugary foods?

they are sugary and oily.

What are some of the foods you should avoid if you have diabetes?

usually very sugary foods like candy and soda

What foods should be eaten when you have hypoglycemia?

i have hypoglycemia and this is what i eat to keep me healthy, proteins and red meats and lots of veggies and fruits just not too sugary fruits. hope i helped. :P :)

What are foods that cause zits?

chocolate and sugary foods

Do ants like sugary or salty foods more?

ants like sugary foods more they are drawn to them by an instinct

What foods make hips fatter?

sugary and fattening foods

Fatty foods are and most sugary foods as well?


Does a horse get teeth cavities from eating sugary foods or treats?

Does a horse get teeth cavities from eating sugary foods or treats?

What foods should not be eaten often?

Foods that high in fat content such as fast foods and junk foods, fried and fatty foods.

What foods should not be eaten together?

pepsi and mentos of course!

What food that can not eat?

Foods that have gone bad should not eaten.

Why are sugary foods considered unhealthy foods?

Because sugary foods contain excessive amount of carbohydrates which is the major cause of obesity, blood pressure and diabetes.

What foods help cause dental decay?

sweet sugary foods .

Taste sensation produced by sugary foods?


What are the diseases caused by sugary foods?


Why do you think dentists tell you to not eat too many sugary foods?

dentists tell us not to eat sugary foods so that are teeth don't fall out and so that the sugary foods don't form plaque and decay are teeth.

What foods should you avoid to get rid of fat loss?

Eating any foods in huge quality will help to get rid of fat loss. Sugary foods are particularly good for this.

When should you eat sugary foods?

Every other 2 days or one every other afternoon

What are the foods that should only be eaten by the person who have allergy?

You should be tested by an allergist so you are aware of the specific foods you are allergic to. Those are the foods you should always avoid.

What are the fatty foods that should not be eaten after gallbladder removal?

anything fried

Should chocolate be banned for health reasons?

No, because we all need a balanced diet, which includes fatty and sugary foods. Chocolate includes both, so if eaten in moderation and small portions, or as an odd treat, it's fine.

What do kids eat for breakfast?

Cereal and sugary foods.

What to eat to raise blood pressure?

sugary foods

Do sugary things have vitamin c?

Usually no. Sugary foods are usually junk foods that have little or no nutritional value. That's not to say that no sugary foods have Vitamin C. For example, a pie made with fruit that contains Vitamin C will have the Vitamin C from the fruit in it.