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Kittens should be kept indoors unless you outside supervising them. Wait until they are at least 8 - 10 months old and keep a good eye on them. Lay on the grass and play with them and when you go inside take the kitten with you.

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Q: When should you let a kitten out?
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When can you let your kitten out?

If you want your kitten to live a long and healthy life, you should not let them out unsupervised.

How old can your kitten be to go outside?

Usually kittens can be let out of the house after it has had all its shots. This insures that its immune system is ready for the kitten to be let outside where many illnesses can be picked up. Your vet will be able to advise you on the right time to let your kitten out of the house. As well as vaccinations, a kitten should be neutered or spayed for at least six weeks before being let outside.

When can you let your kitten in the garden?

Kittens are like human babies so if you want to let it investigate a little then go outside with the kitten and keep a watchful eye on it. Kittens should be kept in the house until they have had all their shots from the vet. Helpful hints: Ask: "How do you look after a kitten?"

Can you pick up your kitten after spaying?

Yes it should be perfectly fine. Just be gentle and let your kitten nap because they are probably still a little drugged the day of.

How do you get a kitten out of a wine rack?

dont let your kitten get caught in a wine rack.

Should you let your kitten lick you?

Why ever not? Kittens and cats will lick each other, and themselves; it is only natural that your kitten would lick you, as that is one of the ways he interacted with his mom.

Why does my cat crave milk?

That is what they drank as a kitten. But now that they are a cat you shouldn't let them have milk you should only let them drink water its healthier for them now

When should you let your kitten outside?

You should let your kitten outside when it is about 2 or 3 months old. Let them out 5 mins everyday. When they get a bit older, get a catflap or let them out for nearly all the day so they can get fresh air. When it is cold, about 3 mins out side because it probably is too cold for them. By the way I know all this because I have 2 kittens and a cat!

Can you take kittens to a party?

NO YOU CAN'T TAKE A KITTEN TO A PARTY! The kitten will freak out and might run away or get hurt. DON'T TAKE A KITTEN TO A PARTY!!! Let your kitten stay at your house for a while, but the only other place a kitten should go is the vet. Cats don't like to go places. They're not dogs!

If you just got kitten but he stays under your bed all the time should you bring him out or let him stay?

Your kitten is unfamiliar with his or her new surroundings and will come out when he/she feels comfortable ; just be patient .

Is it ok to let your kitten play fight with another kitten that comes into the garden or is that other kitten trying to take over his territory?

It should be okay. After they become adults, they may fight for real over who runs the garden, but kittens are not territorial.

How long should you keep a kitten inside it's new home before letting it go outside?

A kitten needs to stay inside for around 6-9 weeks in order to give the kitten plenty of time to settle in and familiarise itself with its new surroundings before letting it outside. Ideally, a kitten should never be let outside until it is 6 to 7 months old at the very earliest. Kittens should be kept indoors until it has had all its vaccinations. This insures that its immune system is ready for the kitten to be let outside where many illnesses can be picked up. As well as vaccinations, a kitten should be neutered or spayed for at least six weeks before being let outside. This allows time for any hormones to completely calm down.

What should I name my new kitten?

Fluffy or Cooper....

How do you raise a kitten?

Give it plenty of milk and cuddlesIf the kitten is to small, let it drink from a milk bottle.then you let it sleep in a nice comfy bed

How do I get my cat to accept the new kitten?

Let your cat come to your kitten Put your kitten to your cat or just innovating Or your cat was jealous Hope it helps :)

Your kitten has cat litter in his eye what should you do about it?

this has happened to my kitten what can i do about it?

How much should I feed my kitten?

1\2 a day

How do you introduce a kitten to a cat?

just let it settle in

When is it safe to let my kitten out?

Could you be more specific.

How do you house break a kitten?

If you have a Fry's electronics near you than that would be my recommendation. They have a huge selection on hand, and should let you try them out before buying.

Your dominant female cat won't let you pet her anymore and is very aggressive towards her kitten. What should you do?

i love tanner

What happens a kitten fell of the bed and she is breathing hard?

The kitten is probably just winded. It's like when you fall on something solid, and the wind is knocked out of you. Leave the kitten to rest for a while and let her recover herself, and she should be better in a few hours. However, you should probably check the kitten for injuries. Some falls like that result in bruises or broken bones. Just keep an eye on her for a few days.

Should you keep cats or kittens outside?

NO! NO NO NO NO NO! You may let your cat or kitten outside but they should never live outside. Be sure to get your cat inside before nightfall. You should NOT let your cat outside if there are many predadores around.(Such as eagles and hawks foxes or coyotes or dogs. Dogs may chase your cat away and it will never come back.) Indoor cats have been prooven to live longer. If you choose to let your kitten out you must soopervise it.

Should your kitten and cat fight it out?

No, animal fights are no fun for participants- or spectators, Mr. Vick take note. You shouldn"t let an older cat and kitten combat each other, things could get out of hand.

Can kitten get lost if let outside?

Sorry to say but....yes