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When stepping on gas car is sluggish?

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Needs tune-up? fuel filter? Air filter? Plugged catalytic converter? Needs tune-up? fuel filter? Air filter? Plugged catalytic converter?

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Why does my car hum when stepping on the gas?

wen stepping on the peddal it show that it sukin alot of fuel Because it doesn't know the words to the song.

How do you keep my car from stalling when stepping on the gas from a complete stop?

I do not do anything. You need to have a tune up done on your car.

Use basically in a sentence?

Driving a car is basically turning on the ignition and stepping on the gas pedal.

What is a verb has four syllables means to make swifter and stepping on a gas pedal does this to a car?


You are a verb you also have four syllables you mean to make swifter stepping on the gas pedal does this to a car?


Is stepping on the brakes of a moving car an example of acceleration?

Stepping on the brakes of a moving car is an example of

Why did your car start going without you stepping on the gas pedal?

because all vehicles have an idle. Without an idle your car would not stay running.

Why when stepping on the gas pedal the acceleration is slow on a 1995 Lincoln Town Car?

exhaust stopped up and cant breathe

Why does a car use more petrol when it has a load?

When the car is loaded, more energy is needed to propel it. A loaded car feels sluggish so you have to press the gas pedal more, so more fuel is used.

What does car do when in need of a fuel filter?

Your car can run sluggish and have problems starting

What causes car to be sluggish when accelerating?

Slow engine RPM is the main reason a car may be sluggish while accelerating. However, it also could be due to the oil.

How do you know when fuel pump goes out 2000 ford focus?

while driving along the car shuts off up on stepping on gas pedel the car re starts

What causes the car to be sluggish?

Many things can cause a car to be sluggish like dirty air filter, check engine light came on, bad transmission, bad engine, etc.

Is stepping on the brakes of a moving train an example of acceleration?

Is stepping on the brakes of a car acceleration. That would be deceleration.

What would cause a car to be sluggish?

spark plugs need changing- ignition wires could be changed- put octane boost into your gas, or fuel injection cleaner.

What would cause your car to sputter when stepping lightly on the gas pedal?

There are several things that can cause your car to spotter when you step lightly on the gas pedal. The most common cause is a lack of fuel. A dirty air filter also can cause the problem.

What causes accelarations and decressaccelaration?

Stepping on the gas peddle and letting off the gas peddle.

How does your car act with clogged fuel filter?

Sluggish 7 unresponsive.

What is a throttle body sensor?

throttle body sensor is a sensor that regulates gas flow. if your car is running sluggish sometimes this can confused with transmission problems when in all actuality its the sensor

What kind of sentence can you use with the word sluggish?

People who have constipation often say their bowels are sluggish.Having worked overtime, he felt sluggish the next day.An engine with old oil can cause a sluggish running car.

Why is my truck revving high when you step on the gas pedal?

Because you're stepping on the gas pedal.

Do the oil gauge moves when stepping on gas?

It's not supposed too.

Car runs fine and no problem starting except when i buy gas. After i funish pumping gas car stalls out a few times when i turn the key. after about 3 tries it goes?

I had this problem whenevery the gas cap was loosely fit back and my car would be sluggish or stall. I was told to firmly cap the gas each time because the pressure could otherwise release. perhaps pressure is released after you buy gas and needs to pressurize to run properly.

My car drives but if you step on the gas it starts to pause and acts as if it will cut off if it's in park while turned on and stepping on the gas i get back fire noises and putt putts?

Sounds like it is time for a good tune up!

What causes sluggish starting car engines?

it could be the starter motor getting lazy