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When swaping the engine from a 1985 S10 28 to a 1983 S10 28 will the transmission be the same?


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2011-08-31 00:24:05
2011-08-31 00:24:05

The transmission will be the same because from 1982-1990 GM used the same transmission in the S10 Blazer and S10 Pickups

from what i have been told is even though the engines are the same size the trans might not be interchangable with your 83 model. because im going through the same problem my 85 s10 needs a 700r4 ,but it want interchange with every model of 2.8 engines,so if you know the answer to this please let me know.


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Yes, if you are refuring to the 4.3L V6, Any Small Block GM Transmission will work with this Engine-Transmission combination. Also I do believe the Buick 3.8L V6 will work as well. Any other V6 will not work as a direct bolt in. But anything can be done as long as skill and finance allow.

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yes it will you can go all the way to a big block to a 4 cly. that's the great thing about a ChevyAnsweryes,it shoul swap right out

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Bottom of engine pass side bolted to transmission.

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Depends, which engine is in the 85, 13b or 12a?

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