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When talking about tire handling what is tramline mean?

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This is the tire tendency to follow road irregularities such as groove left by heavy trucks.

Kind of fighting with your steering wheel to change lane or keep it going straight.

Like you're riding on rails that steer the car instead of you! As tramways do!

Larger (245mm + ) low profile tires are more prone to this effect, when the contact patch is wider than it is long, tramlining is more likely to occur.

I think the main reason for tramlining is the tire design.

Some says that more longitudinal grooves in the tire = more tramlining.

In my case, with a 2000 Mustang GT, no sign of tramlining with new Pirelli P7000 245-45-17, but as they wear, it become present.

With Michelin Pilot MXGT H4 245-45-17, there is so much tramlining that it was dangerous.

Just in between with used Michelin Pilot Sport 225-50-17, they tramline but are not dangerous.

With Toyo Observe G0-2 (winter tire ), 205-65-15 , absolutly no tramlining at all, never, in any road condition.

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Does tire ply affect handling?

Yes, it does. Plies affect the flexibility of the tire as you steer.

Does low tire pressure causes squeaking?

No. Low tire pressure causes poor handling and poor tire wear.

Incorrect tire inflation can adversely affect?

Tire wear, vehicle handling and gas mileage

Incorrect tire inflation will adversely impact what?

Tire wear, vehicle handling and gas mileage.

Will a P195 65 R15 tire replace an OE P205 75 R15 tire for a 1998 Isuzu Hombre 2wd?

It will fit, but if you are talking about replacing just one tire, I wouldn't recommend it. The shorter profile of the tire will adversely affect handling on corners and possibly straight line handling. If you are replacing 2 tires or all 4 tires then handling won't be affected. On a 2-tire replacement, make sure the new pair is mounted either in the front or the rear -- not one on each. Normally on a 2-wheel replacement it is best to put new tires on the front, as the front tires tend to wear down more quickly.

Can a 235 55 R18 tire substitute a 215 55 R18 tire?

No, it will be too large a diameter tire. Handling, ride, mileage, & power will suffer. Also your speedometer will be off.

265 on a tire what does it mean?

265 on a tire is the width of the tire in mm

What does 87w on a tire mean?

Its the weight of the tire!

How many pounds does a tire weigh?

depends on what kind of tire you are talking about like a bike tire or car tire or a motorcycletire slash /dirt bike tire. be more specific next time. bub!

Does the lug nut in the middle of the tire have to come off in order to change the tire?

are you talking about in the hub cap is so yes. it sounds like your talking about the axle nut wich is a no

Do you follow your car tire pressure on the door or the tire?

The door: the number on the tire is its maximum pressure, the number on the load sticker in your car is specific to the car and is set to maximize efficiency, braking, and handling for your vehicle.

What would happen if you filled a car tire with a solid?

The ride and the handling would be poor at best.

What is tire mount mean?

Where you hang the spare tire.

What is the best size tire for a 2004 Toyota RAV4?

The best tire size is 215 70R 16. This size tire offers the best ride and handling, and when properly alligned and balanced, will provide the best longevity.

Is it safe to change the width of a tire?

yes and no you cant go to wide or youll have rubbing and you cant go to thin or youll lose handling i genrally go with a wider tire in the rear and a thinner tire in front

What is the 2004 Honda shadow aero 750 tire pressure?

Honda recommends a psi of 33 for the tires. This recommendation is too low and is made for ride comfort, not handling or tire longevity. A combination of 38/40, 40/40, or 40/42 will greatly extend tire life and improve handling. This info comes from

Can 245 70r16 tire substitute for 235 70r16?

NO, the 245 tire will be smaller in overall diameter and your speedometer will be off. Handling, ride, power, and fuel economy will be effected.

What is the comfort and handling difference between a 205 tire and a 215 tire?

One size difference would hardly be noticeable to the average driver under normal conditions.

Incorrect tire inflation will adversely affect?

Incorrect tire inflation can affect several things. It can compromise handling, lead to premature tire wear, reduce fuel economy, and may cause damage to the drive train.

What does tire mean?

It means an automobile tire if you're British.

What does tire pressure mean in a bicycle?

how much air is in the tire

What does the tire maintenance light on a Nissan Maxima mean?

low tire pressure in one tire

Can you fit a 12.5 tire on a 10.5 rim?

yes you can if you are talking width

What is the standard tire pressure for a 2001 Oldsmobile Aurora?

The mfg. recommended psi's are listed on the door jamb.I run 35 psi for good tire life and good handling.

What does it mean for a speed to be rated?

Speed rating applies to a tire rating. It is a standard set by the US government for achieving and keeping a specified speed. A higher speed rating means better car handling.

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