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When terminated can they withhold you final check if you owe any money to your boss?

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Can you withhold someones income tax refund check who owes you money and take them to small claims court for repayment?

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What does it mean when Final payment is written on a check?

When final payment is written on a check, it means in the debtor's eyes, this is the final payment. Other than that, it is not a legally binding statement and they may still owe money and money can be collected from them.

Can an employer withhold money from your check for property damage?

This varies from state to state. In Maryland, an employer must make an agreement with the employee to have deductions placed on the paycheck.

What is the Power of the purse during colonial north America?

The power to withhold money from a group.

If parental rights are terminated can they still give you money?

It's just a gift.

Can an employer in Louisiana deduct an overpayment from the employee's final paycheck?

Yes. Otherwise, how would they get their money, what check should they deduct it from?

A primary weapon used by colonial legislature in their conflicts?

Their power to purse (money) to withhold the governor's salary

You were terminated for attendance can you draw unemployment in North Carolina?

You should check with your local unemployment office; but in almost all cases, if you are terminated for wrong doing or quit your job, you cannot collect unemployment. Otherwise, people would just get a job and do something to get fired or quit, just to get the money from unemployment. You may want to check to see if your state is a fire at will state. That reduces your chance of collection unemployment dramatically.

What statute states a doctor can withhold your records because of money due?

No such statute exists and, if one did, HIPAA would overrule it at the federal level. It is specifically illegal to withhold medical records in order to collect payment.

What happens to your husbands 401K if company no longer is in business?

You have to rollover the 401k to an IRA (individual retirement account). You can typically do this with the bank providing the 401k. If not, you can have the bank transfer funds directly to the new bank where you setup the IRA.The final option is having the 401k bank send you a check in the mail, and you have 60 days to transfer this money into an IRA without penalties. They will withhold taxes from this check, but you can get 100% of the taxes back when filing your annual tax return.

For what reasons can an employee be terminated?

If you mean terminated as in assassinated... They could be terminated by reasons of transferring income sales into a private account, By getting a large amount of money(planted or not) and being subject to tax evasion. Having an affair with your daughter or another loved one. Now if you mean terminated as in fired... Then that's out of my bubble of thought. Good luck!

If an employee is fired and doesn't return the office key can the employer withhold money from the employee's check for the office to have new keys made?

No it was up to the owner or manage to ask for the keys back . So that would be a cost from the Manager on Owner ,

Does an employer have right to withhold pay?

p Employers cannot withhold money from employe's pay without their written permission - not even fed tax or Social Security or mandatory union dues. Employers authorized to withhold pay cannot reduce your paycheck to less than HOURS WORKED * fed minimum wage.

In the state of Georgia is it the law that all money due an employee be paid at the time of termination?

Georgia does not have a final pay check requirement. You should be paid on the regularly scheduled payday for the pay period of your final working day.

Which branch of government may withhold funding for presidential initiatives?

The legislative branch handles money that has to do with presidential funding.

What is the difference between being terminated or laid off from your job?

Well when you get laid off you just got cut because of doesent mean you lost your job becuz of your ability.....then terminated is when u basically get fired

Can a executor withhold monies from an estate for 6 years?

They would not be withholding money from the estate. They hold the money on behalf of the estate. They do not have to distribute the remainder until all debts and liabilities are resolved.

A check is considered money because checks are?

A check is considered money because a check is exchangeable to cash when submitted in a bank. And that is, provided the person who gave the check has enough money in his account to pay for the check that you have in hand.

Can you bet money if you have none in final jeopardy?

no you must have money to play final Jeopardy or you are automatically in third place and the game ends for you.

Do i need to have money in my account to pay with check?

Yes you do or theres nothing for you to have a check and every check requires money.

Can a college withhold a student's results?

Typically, if a student owes money to the institution, they will place a hold on official transcripts as well as other activities.

What are the powers congress has in conducting military affairs?

To declare war, prohibit certain military actions, spend or withhold money for defense, etc...

Can a employer withhold you last paycheck if he fires you under suspicion of theft?

An employer can withhold not a penny of your paycheck without your prior written permission. Not fed taxes, not social security, not 401K or pension. And not money allegedly stolen. Employer pays you in full and then sues you for the theft.

When you catch up with your child support and the child is over 18 how do you get the state to stop taking money out of your check?

If you are all paid up you need to bring proof to the court that issued the order and ask to have the child support order terminated.If you are all paid up you need to bring proof to the court that issued the order and ask to have the child support order terminated.If you are all paid up you need to bring proof to the court that issued the order and ask to have the child support order terminated.If you are all paid up you need to bring proof to the court that issued the order and ask to have the child support order terminated.

Can a lawyer request more money after check has been cashed as paid in full?

ANYONE can request additional money, whether they are an attorney or not. But if they have accepted the check as final payment AND it has satisfied the contract (that I hope you had) between the two of you, they would have to take you to small claims court for any additional amount they claim.