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The people of the country, the citizenry.

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Q: When the Founding Fathers wrote we the peoplewhat did they mean?
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Related questions

What did the Founding Fathers mean when they wrote the Declaration of Independence?

They wanted to be independent from England.

What did the founding fathers mean by republic?

What the founding fathers meant by republic is citizens having rights to elect those who represent them. The founding fathers are believed to have been against democracy.

What is a framer in the articles of constitution?

When we refer to a "framer" of our United States Constitution, we mean those who wrote the Constitution. In general that means the Founding Fathers of the United States.

What does it mean to be a founding father?

There is a difference between what being a "founding father" is, and being a framer of the constitution, as there were some of our founding fathers who were not at the Convention when the Constitution was formed.

What does do ordain and establish this constitution mean?

The founding fathers right of authority

What did republicanism mean to the founding fathers?

The Founding Fathers were fond of republicanist values, though debated among themselves on what republicanism meant. John Adams defined it as 'a government, in which all men... are equally subject to the laws.'

What document did the founding fathers right that created America's limited government?

dont you mean *write

What does the term 'Founding Fathers' really mean?

A "founding father" is someone who does something first or is an originator of a movement or organization or an institution. The Founding Fathers in United States history usually refer to the men who attended the Constitutional Convention in Philadelphia, May, 1787, and helped write the Constitution of the United States. MrV

What does the word government mean in the Gettysburg Address?

The word refers to the Unites States Government, as designed by the founding fathers.

What did virtue mean to founding fathers?

Virtue means of good or moral character or behavior; a good and moral quality.

Did the founding fathers mean for all Americans to carry guns?

This is a question that is widely debated upon throughout the United States. But at a more general level, no. The Founding Fathers believed all should have the right to bear arms for security and for hunting but not to just carry around the street.

You have seen some girls staring at you and other peoplewhat does that mean?

It means that either ur sexy, or u look weird.

What are two unalienable rights?

If you mean what did the founding fathers establish as unalienable rights, they claimed them to Life, Liberty, and the Pursuit of Happiness.

Why did the founders refer to gun ownership for hunting and sport very rarely?

if you mean the founding fathers it is because that wasn't the reason for gun ownership. they wrote the second amendment, giving freedom to own guns, because they wanted people to be able to defend themselves from the government.

Who was Thomas piane?

If you mean Thomas Paine then he was one of the founding fathers of the United States and author of Common Sense.

Were any of the founding fathers volunteers or were they all in paid positions?

If by "Founding Fathers" you mean members of the Continental Congress and the Constitutional Convention, all of the delegates were chosen by their state legislatures and served in those positions without pay. I think some of the legislatures may have reembursed them for their expenses but I am not certain of that. Michael Montagne

Who were the forefathers that were agnostic or atheist?

I presume you mean the founding fathers? At that time there wasn't really the concept of agnostic - that was coined around 100 years after 1776. The religious beliefs of the founding fathers is interpreted from their writings; based on that Franklin was probably "agnostic" or atheist, George Washington may also have been agnostic.

What were the founding fathers trying to protect against in the constitution?

They were trying to protect the country from becoming a anarchy. this is why the pilgrims originally moved from England to the new world. they were under a anarchy or under a king in other words. so the founding fathers tryed to to protect that from happening to America ... you mean a monarchy?

Was Benjamin Franklin a president?

Yes he was-- but it doesn't mean what we think today. He was a President of the state of Pennsylvania. Back then, a "president" of Pennsylvania was the same as what we today would call a Governor. While he was one of our Founding Fathers, he was never a U.S. president.

Why should founding fathers be capitalized?

if you guys dont know the answer to these questions then you guys are retards. and stop writing stupid

Where any of the founding fathers at any point in disagreement with what was being decided?

If by founding fathers you mean delegates to the Constitutional Convention then the answer is yes. there was a great deal of vigorous debate over what form the new government should take and everybody had to compromise on something. Ultimately only thirty nine of the delegates actually signed the Constitution. Michael Montagne

Was there fighting among the founding fathers over who would be the leader?

If you mean prez, then no. All wanted Washington to be out first fearless leader(except for Washington himself).

What does it mean to be conservitive?

preserving fundaments and traditions of our founding fathers and so on. believing in free and competitive market and small government, small taxes and big military.

What does the phrases snug as a bug mean?

Its means to be very comfortable and not wanting to be move or moved. Also said by one of our founding fathers Benjamin Franklin.

What did the bill of rights mean to the founding fathers?

It meant more red tape when it comes to creating new laws, and it meant that citizens had to be handled delicately with white gloves.