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i will be there to but they said in an interview their just going for the show

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Will Miley Cyrus ever come to Dubai?

She will be performing at the Atlantis Bahamas on May 2009. Maybe soon in Atlantis Dubai

What hotel can I stay at in Dubai that is very close to the famous water park?

The Waterpark is at the Atlantis Palms Hotel and Water Park. So you'd want to stay there to be closest. The Water Park is a part of a hotel actually. It's the Atlantis Palm and it's a large resort owned by the same people who own the Atlantis in the Bahamas. For more information go to

What kind of place is Atlantis Paradise Island in the Bahamas?

Atlantis Paradise Island is a mega-resort and waterpark found on Paradise Island, The Bahamas. It has arguably the greatest waterscapes and asthetics of any hotel in the country. It has a long sandy beach and a series of connected lake, rivers and waterfalls.

How do you spell atlantis?


Is Atlantis a mith?

atlantis is a mith

Is Atlantis a city or a continent?

Atlantis obviously is fictional. According to legend, Atlantis was a continent.

Is atlantis a island?

Atlantis is a continent/island.

Has eneyone went to atlantis?

No. Atlantis is mythical

Have people seen Atlantis?

No. Atlantis is a myth

What airport to get to atlantis?

Atlantis is a fictitious place

WHO WAS King of Atlantis?

I am the king of atlantis and I still am

Is Atlantis a country?

Atlantis is a mythological island that was written about by Plato. There is no evidence that Atlantis ever existed.

Which god lived on Atlantis?

No God lived on Atlantis. Atlantis was ruled by twelve kings who all died when the island sank. After that nobody lived on or even in Atlantis.

When was atlantis founded?

Atlantis was found in 1914 watch on youtube Atlantis the lost empire , cool movie

Where did Atlantis drown?

The Atlantis didn't drown. There is no such thing as a city drowning. Atlantis sank in the Atlantic Ocean.

Who was there at the time of Atlantis?

Atlantis is a myth, a tale, a story.

What are facts about about atlantis?

Atlantis is fictitious so there are no facts about it.

Why did the atlantis sink?

Atlantis is not real, it was part of a myth.

How do you get to atlantis?

You can not get to Atlantis. It is underwater because of the eruption of Thera.

What is the episode of SpongeBob that they go to atlantis?

Atlantis SquarePantis

Who rules atlantis?

Plato referred to the "kings" of Atlantis.

How were the people from atlantis?

Atlantis is a myth. The people are myths.

Who was the ruler of Atlantis?

Plato referred to the "kings" of Atlantis.

Were the athenians atlantis army?

No. Atlantis was at war with Athens.

Did posoeidon own atlantis?

He was the sea god of Atlantis.