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Before such action is possible the concerned party would have to obtain legal guardianhip over the adult relative. Adult guardianhip is a complicated and expensive procedure and cannot be done without legal representation for all the involved parties.

2006-08-17 18:53:34
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Q: When the daughter inherited land but is considered irresponsible Should the mother take over the land responsibilities for the grandchilderns future?
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Inherited Property Received During Marriage is Considered Separate, not Community PropertyIn Most Community Property States, inherited property acquired after Marriage is not considered a Community Asset. Inherited Property is Separate Property of the Spouse receiving the Inheritance.If Inherited money has been used as a Down payment on a House taken in joint names; or to Purchase another asset or even mixed with Community Funds in a Bank Account, it is possible to have that Separate Property Reimbursed at Divorce, provided it can be "traced." In other words, provided the owner of the Separate Property Inheritance can prove that the funds came from their inherited money.

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