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When theft system light is blinking 2001 ford expedition will not start how can this be bypassed?

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βˆ™ 2006-08-05 15:40:30

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WE had the same issue with our truck. Its a sensor in the ignition that you can't change or by pass. Its an electronic chip sensor. It took 6 trips to the dealer to get this found and fixed. Good luck

2006-08-05 15:40:30
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Q: When theft system light is blinking 2001 ford expedition will not start how can this be bypassed?
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Ford expedition sputtering check engine light blinking?

I would check the plug wires and the exhaust system.

Your overdrive light is blinking on your 1998 ford expedition?

A malfunction has been detected

What does it mean if the battery light is blinking?

Problem with the charging system.

What is the blinking red light on the dashboard of a car when it get dark?

The blinking red light in the dashboard is an indicator that your anti-theft security system is armed and working.

What is the blinking red light on Ford dashboards?

Security system deterrent.

Why does your security light keep blinking?

It means the security system is armed.

Why is the four by four light blinking in my 2000 ford expedition?

A malfunction has been detected - could just be a sensor - get it checked out

Why is your 2004 ford expedition check engine light blinking?

Engine misfire. Possibly a bad coil or spark plug.

Why is the security light blinking in our Lexus 330?

To let you know the system is armed.

What does it mean IF THE 4X4 light keeps blinking?

It means that there is a malfunction in the 4wd system.

What is the red blinking light on dash of 1994 Chevy geo?

Possibly a security system activation light.

What is the under dash red blinking light on your CRV?

That light indicates the security system is working properly.

What does it mean when a theft light is blinking?

I believe that when the PATS theft light is blinking RAPIDLY it is because you are trying to start the car with a non-PATS coded key. If it is blinking every couple of seconds SLOWLY, it just means the system is monitoring the ignition.

How do you know if your SATURN SL1 has a passive security system installed?

blinking red light

Why is the AC light blinking on 1991 Toyota Camry?

If an AC light is blinking on a 1991 Toyota Camry it may indicate that a belt is slipping. The AC light may also blink indicating that the system has been overcharged.

What is the red blinking light on the dash of a 2002 Toyota Sequoia with the outline of a car and a key insisde of that?

It sounds like an anti-theft indicator light. The blinking light means that the security system is active and is functioning properly.

What does blinking red light mean?

Blinking red light signifies alertness or danger.

Why is a Red light blinking next to the cassette player in my 2001 Monte Carlo?

This is the light for your security system. Shows that it is working.

What does it mean when your OD light in a '96 Sable is blinking?

Problem with the Overdrive system or the Transmission.

Why is your battery light blinking in your truck?

You probably have a bad alternator. Need to check the charging system.

Why would the engine light blink?

A blinking Check Engine light indicates a serious problem with the emissions system. Have this repaired immediately.

Brake light on dash kepts blinking on 1998 Nissan sentra?

brake light on dash blinking

How do you fix blinking light on the front panel on a 1989 Dodge Caravan?

Need to know which light is blinking.

What does blinking red light on riddex electronic pest repeller mean?

the red light signals that the pulse is going out through the electrical system.

After replacing radiator in 95 Saturn sl2 why is light still blinking?

which light is blinking??need more info