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When to use the Bill of lading?

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When you intend to export or import some goods or a consignment.

In details we can say that: This is a Legal Document for both CNOR & CNEE to EXP & IMP their valued cargo issued by the Freight Forwarder or Shipping Line. Goods can not be released without this paper.

So, it's resolved that, "When a party need to make a shipment then they should use that & also they have to."


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When do you use a express bill of lading?

In the auto transport industry, we use an express bill of lading to expedite the inspection process. There are many ways an express bill of lading can be of benefit.

How many types of bill of lading?

Negotiable Bill of LadingNon Negotiable Bill of LadingMaster Bill of LadingHouse bill of Lading

Difference between bill of lading and house bill of lading?

The difference between a Master Bill of Lading and a House Bill of Lading is the Master is used to consolidate multiple House Bills of Lading.

What is terminal bill of lading?

terminal bill of lading

What is the diference between Master bill of lading and house bill of lading?

Master Bill of Lading: Issued from Carrier. House Bill of Lading: Issued from Freight Forwarder.

What is the difference between master bill of lading and house bill of lading?

Master Bill of Lading: Issued from Carrier. House Bill of Lading: Issued from Freight Forwarder.

Bill of lading date?

Bill of lading date is Transportation industry terminology for the date the Bill of Lading is created.

What is RFS - release for shipment bill of lading?

A request for release for shipment bill of lading is a request to obtain the bill of lading (B/L). A Bill of Lading is a receipt for something that was accepted.

What are the functions of bill of lading?

There are three functions of the Bill of lading:1. The Bill of lading is evidence that the transporter has received the goods.2. The Bill of lading is a device that confirms the maritime transportation contract of goods.3. The Bill of lading is a title deed to the loaded goods.

What is draft bill of lading?

whta is Abbreviation draft bill of lading؟

Can a bills of exchange be without Bill of lading?

yes it can be without bill of lading

What is difference between clean and forge Bill of lading --- a clean bill of lading is one that has no clauses detailing problems with the goods covered by the bill of lading.?


How do you surrender a bill of lading?

Physically giving the original bill of lading to the master of the carrier.

What is the difference between a rated and unrated bill of lading?

Non negotiable bill of lading

What is the difference between master bill of lading and house bill of lad ing?

The master Bill OF lading Is issued by Shipping Line and The HOuse Bill Of Lading is issued by the freight forwarder

Is sea way bill lading is ocean way bill of lading?

Sea way bill of lading is a non-negotiable. its issued from carrier to the shipper that means consignee (receiver of the goods) can get the delivery of his goods without presentation of Original bill of lading.

What is a bill of lading?

A bill of lading is a document by which the master of a ship acknowledges receipt of goods for transport.

What is the different between surrendered bill of lading and waybill?

whar the different between surendred bill of lading and ưay bill

What is the plural form of bill of lading?

The plural form is bills of lading.

Risks in charter party bill of lading?

1. You are unable to check that how many Charter party Bill of Lading has issued by the captain or master 2. You are unable to find out the authenticity of Charter party Bill of Lading. 3. The signature on the Charter Party Bill of Lading cannot be traceable.

What is the difference between surrender bill of lading and express bill of lading?

Surrender Bill of Lading is where the Master BL or House BL is endorsed and returned to the Liner or Freight Forwarding (As the case may be). The carrier/FF send telex message to its agent at the destination to release the cargo without actual presentation of the Original Bill of Lading. Under Express Bill Of Lading release the cargo without actual presentation of the Original. As the Original Bill of lading is surrendered at the Origin after endorsement.

What are the different types of bill of lading?

12 Common Types of Bill of Lading Forms & When To Use Them1. Straight Bill of Lading: This is typically used when shipping to a customer. The "Straight Bill of Lading" is for shipping items that have already been paid for. 2. To Order Bill of Lading: Used for shipments when payment is not made in advance. This can be shipping to one of your distributors or a customer on terms.3. Clean Bill of Lading: A Clean Bill of Lading is simply a BOL that the shipping carrier has to sign off on saying that when the packages were loaded they were in good condition. If the packages are damaged or the cargo is marred in some way (rusted metal, stained paper, etc.), they will need issue a "Soiled Bill of Landing" or a "Foul Bill of Landing."4. Inland Bill of Lading: This allows the shipping carrier to ship cargo, by road or rail, across domestic land, but not over seas.5. Ocean Bill of Lading: Ocean Bills of Lading allows the shipper to transport the cargo over seas, nationally or internationally.6. Through Bill of Lading: Through Bills of Lading are a little more complex than most BOLs. It allows for the shipping carrier to pass the cargo through several different modes of transportation and/or several different distribution centers. This Bill of Landing needs to include an Inland Bill of Landing and/or an Ocean Bill of Landing depending on its final destination.7. Multimodal/Combined Transport Bill of Lading: This is a type of Through Bill of Lading that involves a minimum of two different modes of transport, land or ocean. The modes of transportation can be anything from freight boat to air.8. Direct Bill of Lading: Use a Direct Bill of Lading when you know the same vessel that picked up the cargo will deliver it to its final destination.9. Stale Bill of Lading: Occasionally in cases of short-over-seas cargo transportation, the cargo arrives to port before the Bill of Landing. When that happens, the Bill of Landing is then "stale."10. Shipped On Board Bill of Lading: A Shipped On Board Bill of Lading is issued when the cargo arrives at the port in good, expected condition from the shipping carrier and is then loaded onto the cargo ship for transport over seas.11. Received Bill of Lading: It is simply a Bill of Lading stating that the cargo has arrived at the port and is cleared to be loaded on the ship, but has not necessary mean it has been loaded. Used as a temporary BOL when a ship is late and will be replaced by a Shipped On Board Bill of Lading when the ship arrives and the cargo is loaded.12. Claused Bill of Lading: If the cargo is damaged or there are missing quantities, a Claused Bill of Landing is issued.

What is the use of bill of bill of lading?

The bill of lading lists everything that has arrived in a shipment. It allows the recipient and the sender to see everything that has been shipped and is useful in inventory control practices.

Bill of lading sample that you can print out?

Just do a Google search for "Bill of lading" sample including the quotes, and you will find several.

What is con gen bill of lading?

conjen bill

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