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Pour it into the skimmer while the pump is running.

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Will Clorox kill HPV on surfaces?

Bleach will effectively kill HPV on surfaces. Follow standard infection control protocols when using bleach.

Can Clorox kill ticks?

Bleach itself is a substance known to be harmful. It may kill ticks, but it can damage skin severely. So using a bleach product such as 'Clorox' may do more harm than good. So it is not recommended.

How can you take out Clorox bleach out of your hair?

Rinse it out, wash with a mild shampoo and rinse with vinegar water. Clorox bleach is very harsh for skin and for breathing--avoid using it at all for your body and hair. Peroxide is more commonly used for bleaching hair, but you have to be careful with that as well.

Can a empty Clorox bottle be used for watering plants?

yes, if it has been rinsed out. Clorox is a form of bleach, if the plant were watered using the bottle without rinsing it first it could result in the plant being burnt

Clorox and water solution for healing?

I would not recommend using chlorox solutions for any type of healing. Chlorox is a bleach and considered to be a carcinogen.

How do you rehabilitate a stream contaminated by sewage?

by using a hydraulic filter and adding bleach

Is there a product that kills shrubs?

Clorox Clean-up would work. Yes, and the answer might surprise you. I have been using it for years to kill off poison ivy. I simply put some in a spray bottle and spray the leaves, and by the next day the leaves are all burned and wilted. This stuff is called chlorine bleach, like Clorox Bleach.

I put Clorox bleach in a plastic spray bottle to clean the tub. A few hours later I went to do a second pass and the Clorox sprayed out of the bottle brown. Anyone know why or how to prevent this?

If there was a different chemical in the spray bottle before you put the Clorox Bleach into it the molecules from the different chemical could have changed the composition of the Clorox Bleach.I Believe the Clorox is so caustic it is eating at the metal spring. I've put Clorox in spray bottles before and have rinsed them thoroughly. In time, weeks to months the spring seems to be dissolving and sprayer works more and more poorly until it stops working. Currently I'm using a clear sprayer and I can see the corrosion on the spring.If you know of an all plastic sprayer mechanism, please post it here. Thanks!

How do you remove bleach spots carpet using peroxide?

You can't remove bleach spots using a different bleach.

How long before swimming after using Clorox bleach in pool?

When the levels are lower than 5 parts per million. You will need to measure using an OTO test kit. If the test shows orange instead of yellow, don't go in. Hatawa

Does bleach turn everything white?

Bleach strips the color out of anything that it touches..if you are using bleach from the hair store then it does not instantly turn your hair white..your hair goes through several steps of decoloration.

Can you use liquid chlorine with a de filter?

Yep, I use it all the time, and have had no problems. FYI, "Liquid Chlorine" is Sodium Hypochlorite. Next time you're in the grocery store, check a bottle of Clorox ultra bleach's ingredients. Sodium Hypochlorite, right? 6%? Yep! Same stuff. Clorox even has a guide on their website on how to use bleach as a Chlorine source for a pool. Answer:: There is a big difference between Clorox bleach and swimming pool chlorine. Swimming pool chlorine comes in either 12% or 10% strength. This is what you should be using. To use the weaker product with other inert ingredients is costing you many more dollars than you think. For one, you will have to use triple or quadruple the amounts of the 6% to accomplish the same job. There are no or little inert ingredients in "good" chlorine. There are over 94% of other ingredients in Clorox that you probably do not want introduced to your pool water. However, it can be used in a pinch. Your health depends on using quality products. K

How do you get nail polish out of you shirt?

By using about half a cup of clorox...........I think.

What cleaning liquids are alkali?

soaps and detergent liquids are alkali. Also certain organic and inorganic liquids are also alkali.Chlorine bleach is also an alkali. The following is taken from the Clorox Bleach website where you can find additional info. Remember Do Not mix alkali with ammonia since it gives off poisonous fume.Use the following method to disinfect hard, non-porous surfaces at home:1. Create bleach solution using ¾ cup Clorox® Regular-Bleachper gallon of water.2. Wash, wipe or rinse items/area with water, then apply solution.3. Let stand 5 minutes.4. Rinse thoroughly and air dry.Please note:· Do not use Clorox® Regular-Bleach full strength for cleaning surfaces.· Always dilute strictly in accordance with label directions.· Wear gloves when cleaning for prolonged periods.· Bleach solutions need to be made fresh daily. Once diluted, bleach breaks down quickly (mainly into salt and water).Please note: Bleach solutions need to be made fresh daily. Once diluted, bleach breaks down quickly - mainly into salt and water. Many spray bottles contain metal parts in the trigger spray. Bleach will corrode these parts over time. Bleach is an irritant and using bleach in a spray bottle can be very irritating to some especially those individuals with chronic respiratory or heart conditio

Can oil pass through filter paper?

Oil can pass through filter paper. Also bear in mind that there are different grades of filter paper. I personally have filtered oil very successfully, using an ordinary paper towel as my filter paper.

Will Clorox toilet bowl cleaner discolor a toilet if I use it too often?

No it will not the porcelain toilets are made from will only allow stains to build on the surface so using cleaners which are typically bleach based wont penetrate passed the surface.

Can a water filter remove color from a liquid?

My son had a school project using three types of filters, and none of the filters we used worked; however, we did find that a bleach filter removes most of the food coloring from the water.

How do you wash white flip flops?

I find that using wet naps from resturaunts work really well. They smell good, and work well too.Answeri think that the Clorox bleach pens work really well, or any clothing stain remover.

What can be used as a household disinfectant?

I am 48 years old and have been using Clorox bleach as a disinfectant even a capful in my dishwater. You will notice now that companies are marketing kitchen cleaners that have bleach in them. There has been overkill about the use of bleach, however, it is inexpensive and disinfects all of the time. The environmentally "correct" cleaners of vinegar and baking soda work well also if your home is not very dirty and if you don't have anyone who has a compromised immune system AND if you're not living in a household with several different people. For example, I have been living with four other roommates, all of whom have different hygienic practices and cleaning habits. Given this, I believe the use of Clorox bleach is warranted. I also use it to clean out the kitchen garbage plastic container every week and I mop the tile floors with it and rinse out the garbage dispenser. We also have a dog who urinates in the same spot of the dining room and do you know that the only thing that I've found that eliminates the smell is the bleach, soap and hot water. Some of the roommates were using the Simple Green, but it was not getting rid of the overwhelming stench of the urine on the wood floor, but the Clorox bleach did it every time.

What are the benefits of using Clorox bathroom cleaner with Teflon?

There are quite a few benefits when you are using Clorox bathroom cleaner with Teflon. It will give any surfaces you apply it to a nice, clean, shiny coat and will leave the surface smelling fresh.

How much bleach is too much bleach?

Depending on what you are using bleach for, it will change how much bleach is too much. Find directions to see what the recommendation is for your usage.

Why is a fluted filter paper used in the filtration process?

Using fluted filter paper increases the filter area. In addition to this, it increases the speed of the solvent while flowing through the paper.

Why you are using bleeder resistor in LC filter?

In LC filter , Bleeder resistance is connected in Parallel with the load to maintain the minimum current through the choke and so the performance of the Filter improves.

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