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Can you use liquid chlorine with a de filter?

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Yep, I use it all the time, and have had no problems. FYI, "Liquid Chlorine" is Sodium Hypochlorite. Next time you're in the grocery store, check a bottle of Clorox ultra bleach's ingredients. Sodium Hypochlorite, right? 6%? Yep! Same stuff. Clorox even has a guide on their website on how to use bleach as a Chlorine source for a pool.


There is a big difference between Clorox bleach and swimming pool chlorine. Swimming pool chlorine comes in either 12% or 10% strength. This is what you should be using. To use the weaker product with other inert ingredients is costing you many more dollars than you think. For one, you will have to use triple or quadruple the amounts of the 6% to accomplish the same job. There are no or little inert ingredients in "good" chlorine. There are over 94% of other ingredients in Clorox that you probably do not want introduced to your pool water. However, it can be used in a pinch. Your health depends on using quality products.


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If your DE filter is bad and there is DE entering the pool can you use it without DE until the new filter you ordered arrives?

To be honest you're best off just dosing the pool will a few litres of chlorine and letting it sit. The chlorine will prevent it from going green. Without DE powder it won't filter properly and you'll find you have pressure issues with the pump and filter. To be honest you're best off just dosing the pool will a few litres of chlorine and letting it sit. The chlorine will prevent it from going green. Without DE powder it won't filter properly and you'll find you have pressure issues with the pump and filter.

Do salt water pools require de?

If a salt water pool has a DE (diatomaceous earth) filter, then the filter depends on the DE for filtration. Salt water pools must be filtered just the same as fresh water pools. Not all filters use DE however. There are also sand and cartridge style filters that do not use DE. Salt is added to a pool usually to enable the use of a salt water chlorine generator which can eliminate the need to add chlorine because the chlorine is generated electrically from the salt. It does not eliminate the need for filtration and in the case of a DE filter, does not change the need for DE.

Is Salt filter better than DE filter for pool?

Salt is not a filter, it is added to pool water to allow a chlorine generator to operate.

Should you use chlorine with sand filter systems?

You should use one of the three EPA approved sanitizers. They are chlorine, bromine, and biguanide/peroxide. Chlorine had the fewest negatives and can be stabilized against loss from sunlight so it is the best choice for an outdoor pool. The type of filter used is really immaterial since this applies equally to sand, cartridge, and DE filters.

I shocked my swimming pool and it's still green what can I do?

You didn't say how much chlorine you used, what kind of chlorine, if you used an algaecide, was the chlorine fresh or stale? Did you use liquid or granular chlorine? You need to bring your chlorine level up to 10ppm, at minimum, for emerald greenish water and maybe even 25ppm for a solid green "walk across it" look. You must literally "fry" the algae. How often did your brush, filter, and back-wash? Did it turn a grayish-white after you shocked? Did you scoop out as much debris from the pool as you could? What kind of filters do you have? if you have a DE filter, did you re-coat the grids with DE after each back-wash? Best thing is to go to the links provided for exact directions.

Where and how do you apply the DE to the pool filter?

After the filter has been backwashed, the filter valve is switched back to filter and the DE is added to the skimmer. The amount of DE to use should be shown on the filter and depends on the size of the filter area. The DE should first be mixed in a bucket with water then poured into the skimmer with the filter running.

How often The chemical content of a pool should be at least checked?

pH and sanitizer should be checked daily in a perfect least 2-3 times a week at minimum. TA every week, CH weekly to monthly, depending on the hardness of your fill water. CYA weekly to monthly, depending on whether you use a stabilized chlorine source or an unstabilized chlorine source such as a salt water chlorine generator or bleach/liquid chlorine with periodic stabilizer additions. How frequently you need to check CYA also depends on whether you ave a non backwashing filter (cartridge and some DE filters) or a backwashing one (sand and some DE).

Does the use of diatomaceous earth in a sand filter destroy the sand's ability to filter?

huh...i'd try using sand in the sand filter and DE in a DE filter for optimum results. A: Yes, D E can interfere with the sands ability to to it's job.

What is the normal temperature of chlorine?

Chlorine has no "normal" temperature, it will assume whatever the ambient temperature is.

Can you use chlorine water for aquarium?

Yes, as long as you use a de-chlorinator, this can safely be done. Make sure the de-chlorinator destroys both chlorine and chloramines- many only remove one of the two. If you can find a de-chlorinator that also destroys ammonia, than that is an added bonus as it will come in handy when dealing with ammonia spikes when cycling an aquarium.

Do you add de everytime you backwash the filter?

If you have a DE filter, you shouldn't back wash very often, but when you do, you will have to recharge the filter with DE every time you backwash. Hatawa

How does a DE filter work on a pool?

Better people than me can explain this. Try I'm figuring you're asking this because you have a DE filter. Basically there is a "cloth filter" in the DE filter. Then (after it has been cleaned and hosed off of all the old DE etc.), you put the appropriate amount of DE into your leaf basket at the pool when the filter is running. The DE will dissolve into the water then collect on the surface of the filter. After that only very small particles (like water etc.) can make it through the filter, which now consists of DE and the filter itself.

Can you use Aqua Perl in your sand filter instead of sand?

You should not use Aqua Perl (Which is a Expanded Perlite Filter Media), or DE filter media in a sand filter. Here are a few reasons: 1. The Aqua Perl will come out every time you backwash your filter (it is much lighter and has a certain percentage of "floaters" (material that floats on top of water). 2. There are very small particles in both Aqua Perl and DE that may get into your swimming pool causing a "cloudy" effect. 3. Sand is much more permeable than Aqua Perl, and you will get a lower flow rate than with sand. The pressure will be higher as well. 4. A sand type filter is not designed for either Aqua Perl or DE. To use this type of filter media you need a DE type filter. Using a DE type filter will give much better results than with sand.

Can you clean a DE pool filter with vinegar?

You should use something made for cleaning DE filter like sparkle brand filter magic so you don't damage any of the parts a little more money now can save you alot later.Good luck

Can you use diatomaceous earth in a sand filter?

This is a bad idea. Diatomaceous earth (de) will go right through a sand filter. It will end up back in the pool and then it is almost impossible to get out. Sand goes in sand filters, de goes in de filters.

Is a cartridge filter better than a DE Filter?

A DE filter will filter finer particles. It also depends on the application. Some cities are not allowing DE filters to be back washed into their sewer systems within city limits. (Calif) k

How do you know if you have Cryptosporidium in your salt water pool?

The symptoms would be that someone or all who use the pool would come down with diarrhea. It is passed on from person to person. One who has experienced or has diarrhea should not use the pool. Bring the chloine levels to break-strength levels -- 10.0 ppm and keep everyone out of the pool for at least 24 to 36 hrs. The filter should be opened, if D.E. or Cartridge, filter elements should be hosed off and chlorine washed, the internal parts of the tank and pump should be sanitized as well as the plumbing (as best you can). Assemble the filter tank without the elements and after starting circulation dispense chlorine directly into the skimmer to flush all lines. Then you may reassemble the elements in the filter and charge the D.E. filter with proper amount of DE. Run the system 24/7. When the chlorine level is down to about 5.0 ppm you may resume normal operation and use of the pool. With sand filter - back wash and rinse - then flush as above without disassembling the filter. The person or child with diarrhea should be kept out of the pool until all symptoms of the ailment is gone. k

What chemical do you use to clean pool filters?

Most sand and DE filters are cleaned with an acid solution by soaking overnight. Cartridges can use a spray on type and then blasting clean with water. Avoid using household detergents. Biguanide users (Baquacil, Revacil, Soft Swim) should use the product recommended by their manufacturer as it is specifically designed to break down the PHMB residue in the filter. Chlorine users can use any of the filter cleaning products sold at their neighborhood pool store. Pool & Spa

Why is your filter full of de on outer filter grids?

Because it filters from the outside in. The DE is supposed to coat the outside. Hatawa

Why would the DE powder go straight through the filter and into the pool with an old Hayward DE filter ReGenX system?

Something is allowing the DE to pass through the filter - probably a hole in one of the filter pads or a damaged manifold. You can take out the filter pads and visually check them. A hole will be fairly obvious.

How do use a multi valve pool filter?

Need more specific info A multi valve pool filter is a common configuration of valve and filter for a swimming pool system. The piping into and out of the filter is attached to a multivale. A multivalve has has several positions. One type of multi valve has six positions: backwash, waste, filter, closed, rinse and recirculate. (These valve positions are used on a DE filter. A sand filter may be different.) Use the filter setting in the nromal operation of your pool. This setting receives water from the pump and directs it to the dirty side of the filter media and then receives weater from the clean side and directs it to the pool. Use the Backwash setting to flush the DE from the filter and to a drain. Use the waste setting to flush water directly from the pump to the drain. The closed position is, well, closed. Rinse? Recirculate?

How much de powder for 17000 gallon pool?

You add diatomaceous earth (de) powder to a pool based on the size of the filter. Most pool filters have a plate on the side telling you how much de powder you need to add. If your filter does not have such a plate, the general formula is that you add 1 lb. of de powder for every 10 sq. ft. of filter area. That is, you need to measure the length, width, of your filter, taking the pleats into account, and use the formula "sq. ft. = length x width" to determine the square footage of your filter.

What is a DE swimming pool filter?

Simply put, Diatomaceous Earth (DE) are the bones of tiny little animals that lived millions and millions of years ago, diatoms. This DE is used to coat the "grids" inside the DE filter which captures and filters particles as small as 5 microns. When the filter pressure rises, the swimming pool DE filter is backwashed in the same manner as a sand filter. A slurry of DE is put into the skimmer to "recharge" or "re-coat" the grids of these swimming pool DE filters. This type of filter is effective and efficient but a little more expensive to maintain. Some call it the "water polisher" of pool filters.

Is regular DE better than DE alternatives such as purfiber or aqua pearl for use in a 72 sq ft Hayward DE filter?

I prefer Aqua Perl. It worked for me for many years and found it superior to D. E. and others. Just wondering why you have a 72 sq. ft. filter. What size is the pump in Hp? Got the feeling that your pump and filter are not matched to the size to the pool. Ken

What is the best pool filter?

A backwashable DE Filter. Diatomaceous Earth is the proper name.