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As you vacuum the bottom of a pool you pick up a lot of fine dust and other material it is not unusual for a filter to block up while you are vacuuming. cleaning the filter or a brief backwash will probably fix the problem RB The answer above did not address the question. The vac head needs to have the wheels adjusted if it is a wheeled vac head. If the vac head is a brush model then you need to reduce the suction some. To do that you need to open the 2nd skimmer some -if you have one. Otherwise, you have to somehow throttle down the suction when you vac pool. I had a similar problem with my vacuum in a vinyl pool. The head was too close to the liner due to the bristles being worn down. Replacing this with a vacuum head that has both casters and bristles made vacuuming much easier and more effective (no more Wrestling with the vacuum).

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Q: When vacuuming the pool why would the pressure be so heavy it sticks to the bottom of the pool and then loses pressure?
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