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Q: When was Connecticut found?
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When was Connecticut found and who found it?

in 1636 Connecticut was found by Thomas Hooker

What date did they found Connecticut?

they found Connecticut in 1646

Who left Massachusetts in 1636 to help found Connecticut?

Who left Massachusetts in 1636 to help found Connecticut?

Who were the founding fathers of Connecticut?

The person who found Connecticut is/was Thomas Hooker.

What were Connecticut's natural resources?

There are a variety of natural resources found in Connecticut. These include agriculture, granite, mica, as well as fish found in the water off the coast of Connecticut.

Who found Connecticut?

Thomas Hooker

What person found the Connecticut colony?

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Who was one of the founder of Connecticut?

Thomas Hooker was known to have found the colony of Connecticut in the year 1636.

Who named Connecticut?

Roger Sherman found it

When did Thomas hooker found Connecticut?


Who found colonial Connecticut?

Thomas Hooker

Are nightingales found in Connecticut?

No, they are European birds.

Were there any industries found in Connecticut?


What are the landforms found in Connecticut state?


Is granulocytic ehrlichiosis found in Connecticut?


What town did the colony Connecticut found?


Is zinc found in Connecticut?

Zinc is actually only found in the Nile River

Where can you find a graph about Connecticut's Average Monthly Rainfall?

it can be found at hope this helped!!

What year was Connecticut found?

1636 by Thomas Hooker

What colony was found west of Rhode Island?


What did they found in Connecticut?

They found so many things.They found gold,silver,metal,gun,animal fur.

Why did Europeans leave Europe to found a colony in Connecticut?

because Connecticut is better than Europe and theres school that free

What airport is in Connecticut?

The airport which is found in Connecticut is Bradley International Airport. This airport has the ability to support national and international flights.

What natural resources did Connecticut have?

There are many natural resources in Connecticut. These resources will of course include water and minerals found in the Earth.

Are there any cryptids living in Connecticut?

The cryptid Melonheads, are believed to be able to be found in Connecticut. They are considered to be humanoids with big heads.