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According to the Vedas, one incarnation of Brahman, or the one spiritual power, took the avatar of Lord Rama over one million years ago.

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Q: When was Hinduism created?
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When was Hinduism Today Magazine created?

Hinduism Today Magazine was created in 1979.

When and how did Hinduism form?

Hinduism was formed 5000 years ago. Lord brahma created first men and created Hinduism.

Who was a founder of Hinduism?

There is no founder of Hinduism. Hinduism was created by Lord Brahma himself.

Why did Brahman decide to create Hinduism?

Nobody created Hinduism. It doesn't have any founder. According to Hinduism, Brahma created the world.

Why is Hinduism created?

Hinduism is created as the first Religion of this world. To enlighten humans & show them path of life.

Who is the person that created Hinduism HHH?

Hinduism has no has no beginning no end

Who created Hinduism and when?

No one

Who the founder for Hinduism?

Hinduism does not have any founder. Supreme god created all the beings and there after Hinduism existed with these beings.

Who is the person that founded Hinduism?

no person founded Hinduism or invented Hinduism. Rather Hinduism is a Religion created by Supreme God himself to enlighten people.

How did hindus start?

According to Ancient Scriptures of Hinduism Hinduism started when Lord Brahma created first men. Lord brahma created 1000 sons who were followers of Hinduism.

Where is the original birth place in Hinduism?

According to Hinduism legend original birth place of Hinduism is India. In India Lord Brahma created mankind & Hinduism.

Where was Hinduism created?

It was originated in India.

Does Hinduism have a forefather?

No, Hinduism was created by Supreme God himself. Thus it does not have any creator. But Dravidian & Aryans are the first practitioners of modern Hinduism.

When did the Hinduism started?

Hinduism is the oldest religion in the entire world. It began as sonn as the world was created

What are the roots of foundation of hinduism?

According to Hinduism Scriptures Hinduism was first found by Lord Brahma. When Lord Brahma created his first children to cherish earth with life Hinduism was born.

Were Hinduism and Buddhism created in India?


Who Created the Hinduism philosophy?

Ancient Sages

How do the origins of Hinduism and Buddhism differ?

Hinduism was never made by man. Buddhism was created by Lord Buddha.

Why did Buddhism spread through out Asia but Hinduism did not?

Because Hinduism never believed in forcing someone or spreading the Religion. Hinduism was self existent & created by God.

How did Hinduism initially develop?

Hinduism is believed to develop from Brahmanism, a religion created by the God himself. when the aryans came to indus valley, Brahmanism developed into Hinduism.

Hinduism myth about how the world was created?

The real story is that the brahma created the earth

Who built Hinduism and when Hinduism was built?

its hard to say who built hindism because it has no founder but Hinduism was created long long ago some are not so sure when it was made

What are the blending of ideas created a religion called the Hinduism?

Hinduism is a fine blend of Ancient Aryans & Dravidian cultures & rituals. Hinduism devloped from Religion called Brahmanism.

Which god according to Hinduism created the world?


What is the population like in India today?

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