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JFK was killed on November 22nd of 1963 in a 1961 Lincoln limo.

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Q: When was JFK assasinated?
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Who was the fourth president to be assasinated?

JFK I believe. yes, it is.

In what city was JFK assasinated in 1963?

Dallas, Texas

Which of these presidents was assasinated during the Vietnam War?


When was Idlewild Airport renamed John F Kennedy International Airport?

Idlewild Airport was renamed New York International Airport in March of 1948. It was renamed JFK Airport on December 24, 1963, shortly after JFK was assasinated.

When Chester A. Arthur assasinated?

Chester Arthur was not assasinated. He became president becasue James Garfield was assasinated.

How was JFK assasinated?

Lee Harvey Oswald was in the Texas book depository and shot JFK with a 30 ot 6 bolt-action rifle. But some people have other theories like he faked his death and the government was behind it. Conspiracy theorists also believe it involved the KGB and others.

How does history view John F. Kennedy?

The United States loved JFK for his good looks and his grand idea of the Space Race, and during his time to put a man on the moon, which was accomplished in 1969, six years after being assasinated. He was also the only Catholic president and to win a Pulitzer Prize. JFK also supported the African American Civil Rights Movement.

Which president die in office?

William Harrison (Pneumonia)Zachary Taylor (Acute Gastrointestinitis)Abraham Lincoln (Assasinated)James Garfield (Assasinated)William McKinley (Assasinated)Warren Harding (Heart Attack)Franklin Roosevelt (Cerebral Hemorrhage)John Kennedy (Assasinated)

What type of weapon was used for JFK assassination?

John F. Kennedy was assasinated with a bolt action rifle. In particular the 6.5mm Carcano rifle notorious for its poor performance despite relatively high power. The first and second link should provide further details.

Who assasinated malcolm x?


Who was Lincoln with when he died?

Lincoln's wife was with him when he was assasinated

Who Assasinated Ceaser?

Brutus and Cassius

Where was archduke ferdinand assasinated?


Assasinated President Lincoln?

John Wilkes Booth

Who is ronner thurefer?

he was a politician who was assasinated.

What is atomic bound?

When a president is assasinated.

Who assasinated Garfield?

Charles J. Guiteau

Was he assassinated?

yes osama was assasinated in 2001

When and where was James Monroe killed?

was mr.monroe assasinated

How did Sir Apirana Ngata die?


What was John F. Kennedy's illness?

He was assasinated.

What happened to Caesar to end his reign?

He was assasinated.

Why was al sadat assasinated?

no one liked him

Why was president Lincoln reconstruction plans not enacted?

he was assasinated

Who was the First us president to be assasinated?

Abraham Lincon