When was Myanmar discovered?

  • In the region, now part of the country- Myanmar (Burma), a group of Tibeto- Burman speaking people called 'Pyu' were the earliest people in the recorded history to settle there around 2nd BCE and built several Pyu city-states, mostly around Irrawady River.
  • Around 9th Century, another group of Tibeto- Burman speaking people called 'Bamar' (aka. Mranma/Burman/Burmese) migrated into the region and they built the First Burmese Kingdom known as Pagan(Bagan) Kingdom which includes most areas of the country of Myanmar now, and 'Pyu' were absorbed into Burmese ethnic by 13th Century and Pyu language is no longer spoken.

People from Europe had known the existence of the Asia continent through trading via 'The Silk Road' and sea routes.

  • Niccolo de Conti was the first European who was an Italian merchant to visit to the region, now called Myanmar (Burma) around 1421.
  • During 16th, 17th, 18th Century, Myanmar (Burma) was trading with Portuguese, Dutch, French and British.
  • British Raj and Burmese Empire (Konbaung Dynasty) fought the First War in 1824, British taking over some of western and southern parts of Burmese Empire.
  • The Second War between British and Burmese resulted Burmese Kingdom lost Lower Burma to British in 1852.
  • After the Third War in 1885 between British and the struggling Burmese Kingdom, British gained the whole of Burma and started British Rule in Burma which lasted over 60 years.