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When was Robert F. Kennedy Journalism Award created?

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Robert F. Kennedy Journalism Award was created in 1968.

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When was Esso Journalism Award created?

Esso Journalism Award was created in 1955.

When was Kennedy Center Friedheim Award created?

Kennedy Center Friedheim Award was created in 1978.

When was Robert A. Heinlein Award created?

Robert A. Heinlein Award was created in 2003.

When was Robert Burns Humanitarian Award created?

Robert Burns Humanitarian Award was created in 2002.

When was Robert H. Winner Memorial Award created?

Robert H. Winner Memorial Award was created in 2001.

What actors and actresses appeared in The Robert F. Kennedy Human Rights Award on PBS - 1989?

The cast of The Robert F. Kennedy Human Rights Award on PBS - 1989 includes: Tom Brokaw as Himself - Host Ted Kennedy as himself Fang Lizhi as himself Lech Walesa as himself

When did Kennedy Center Friedheim Award end?

Kennedy Center Friedheim Award ended in 1995.

What are yellow journalism fates?

It's an award for journalist

Who has portrayed Robert F Kennedy in film or television?

Barry Pepper won an award for his portrayal of RFK in the TV miniseries The Kennedys (2011).

What is the ethnicity of the winner of the Pulitzer Prize for journalism?

There are a number of award subcategories in the Pulitzer Prize Journalism category each year; ethnicity varies and is not a consideration for winning.

Did Jackie Kennedy ever earn any award?

Yes, Jackie won the VOGUE journalism prize which she could not accept due to family problems, her mother thought that she would never be back to America if she went to Europe on that job with Vogue magazine

When was IBM Award created?

IBM Award was created in 1984.

When was Tony Award created?

Tony Award was created in 1947.

When was Hutch Award created?

Hutch Award was created in 1965.

When was ESPY Award created?

ESPY Award was created in 1993.

When was Emmy Award created?

Emmy Award was created in 1949.

When was Edison Award created?

Edison Award was created in 1960.

When was Butkus Award created?

Butkus Award was created in 1985.

When was Globe Award created?

Globe Award was created in 2007.

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