When was alcoholism first discovered?

alcoholism was first discovered in 1843 by a German doctor named Gutstaev Yorketn who was studying the properties of wine grapes and drinking 5-10 drinks everyday.


Alcoholism wasn't discovered, it was invented. That is to say, there have always been drunks and habitual drinkers, but this "condition" wasn't medicalized as a disease called alcoholism until the 1940's by E. M. Jellinek. Prior to that, it was considered a moral failing. Although others before him had referred to habitual drunkeness as a disease, Jellinek popularized the concept. The disease model of addiction was eventually adopted by the American Medical Association.

The term "alcoholism" was coined by Swedish doctor Magnus Huss in the 1860's as "alcoholismus chronicus", and referred to the range of physical manifestations of excessive, chronic drinking, such as liver impairment, etc., rather than the inability to stop drinking, itself.