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A long, long, time ago

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Q: When was sugar cane fishing poles invented?
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How old is sugar cane energy?

Sugar cane is not really that old. It was invented in 1980's

Who invented the sugar cane harvester?

Which cane harvester ???? THE sugar cane harvester. you know the very first one, anyway, do you really want to know who invented it, well, ask who invented the telephone and i will tell you!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! from maddi

Is Sugar Cane the Same as Cane Sugar?

Cane Sugar is the sugar that is refined from the juice of Sugar Cane. Sugar Cane is a plant. Cane Sugar is a product.

Where does Cane sugar come from?

Cane sugar comes from sugar cane.

What sugar is made with sugar cane stalks?

Sugar made with sugar cane stalks is called cane sugar.

Do sugar come from sugar cane?

While sugar cane is not the only source of sugar, sugar is certainly made from sugar cane.

Why cane sugar is sweetest sugar?

Yes,Cane sugar is the sweetest sugar because it is made with the sweetest thing in the world the sugar cane and that's why sugar made by sugar cane is the is the sweetest sugar

What elements are in cane sugar?

The juice of the sugar cane where the sugar is, the fibers of the sugar cane where the juice is, the roots, and the leaves.

What is alternate of sugar cane?

Sugar beet is an alternative of sugar cane.

Does sugar cane has seeds?

No. Sugar cane does not have seeds.

How do you get sugar out of sugar cane?

By killing suger cane

Does sugar cane spoil?

Sugar cane does spoil.

What is granulated cane sugar?

Basically sugar made from sugar cane. It is white sugar.

What raw material used in sugar industry?

sugar cane sugar cane

What is sugar cane?

Sugar cane is a tall plant that is harvested to make sugar.

What is the syrup from Sugar Cane?

The syrup from Sugar Cane, commonly referred to as Cane Syrup or Sugar Cane Syrup, is simply the juice squeezed from sugar cane stalks that has been boiled down to a thicker consistency.

What is the difference between cane sugar and other sugars?

The difference between cane sugar and other sugar is that cane sugar comes from sugar cane, which is a different plant crop as opposed to the beet crop.

What are the raw materials used in sugar industries?

Sugar cane.Sugar cane & sugar beet

Is sugar grown on a plant?

Sugar is grown in something called sugar cane. Sugar cane is sweet, and natural. Many people that make sugar make it from sugar cane.

Is Indonesia sugar cane or beet?

Only Sugar Cane

Are sugar cubes from sugar cane?

From both cane and beet

Is cane sugar organic?

yes, cane sugar is organic.

What are the natural resources of Barbados?

The natural resources of Barbados are:fishingoilnatural gassugar canetobaccopetroleum

What are different types of sugar?

brown sugar, white sugar, cane sugar, powdered sugar, pure cane sugar.

What animals or plants live or have lived in sugar cane fields?

Well, in sugar cane fields plants such as sugar cane and weeds. You would find cane toads, foxes and cane beetles.