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When was the Catholic religion founded?

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On the day of Pentecost in Jerusalem in (about) the year 33 AD.Answer

Catholic Church was established by Jesus Christ when he said to the Apostle Peter: "I give you the KEYS to the Kingdom of Heaven and whatsoever you shall bind on earth shall be bound in heaven and whatsoever you shall loose shall be loosed in Heaven" AND more definitively at Pentecost and then more definitively just prior to Jesus' Assension when He declared to all the Apostles: "and then He (Jesus) breathed on them and said: 'receive The Holy Spirit. If you forgive men's sins they are forgiven them; if you hold them bound they are held bound" and other related scripture passages in which Jesus commissioned the Apostles, specifically (not all of his desciples) to preach the "good news" -- salvation through Christ.

And, Jesus also declared: "I will never leave you; I will be with you always." Well, always is always; never is never. Therefore, NEVER did Our Lord leave or abandon His Church on earth -- the Holy Catholic Church. He said he would not and therefore he did not. The Christian FAITH is now, and always has been, preserved in Truth, infallibly, by Christ Himself in every century and at every moment for the past 2000 years.

Thus, the Christian FAITH never needed "reform" nor "restoration." Human beings -- administrators of the Faith (priests, bishops, pastors, etc.) have ALWAYS been falible in their personal lives. Only the FAITH itself -- the teaching on faith and morals -- is protected by The Holy Spirit (in every age, at every moment) from error. Human beings are fraught with error. Plenty of theological and moral errors have been taught & preached, to this day, all over the planet. Christian history is fraught with multiple schisms & heresies over the past 2000 years. Sometimes heresies were very successful (i.e., Arian heresy in the 4th century) but they NEVER prevailed. The Truth ALWAYS prevailed in the Catholic Church. . .b/c Jesus promised it would.

Besides -- can't be judged by The Truth (in justice; and God is just) UNLESS The Truth/True Faith does exist and CAN be known. Obviously we can't be justly judged (individually and in every generation) according to Truth/Faith if it isn't known. Ergo, the Catholic Church contains the "Fullness of Truth" (faith and morals) that God has deigned to reveal to mankind.

IMO, it simply can't be any other way . . .and it's pretty obvious it can't. It it were, then we'd be stuck, as Christians, accusing Our Lord Jesus Christ of lying. He doesn't and did not. Jesus, through the Holy Spirit, NEVER left us, His Church (bride) not even for a milla-second. Never is never.

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Who made up the Catholic Religion?

Nobody 'made up' the Catholic Religion. It was founded by Jesus Christ and his apostles.

When was the Roman Catholic Religion founded?

33 a.D.

What religion was practiced in South Carolina when it was founded in 1663?


Who founded catholicism in the Americas?

No one "founded" Catholicism in America. Christ founded the Catholic Church. Catholic means "universal" so someone brought the religion to America but they didn't create it in America.

What is Henry religion?

Henry VIII was a catholic but then founded the Church of England after disputes with the Pope.

Why is the Catholic Church better than Protestant Churches?

Catholicism is the religion founded by Jesus Christ. Protestant religions were founded by men.

Who founded the Jesuit religion?

There is no "Jesuit" religion, the Jesuits are a Religous Order in the Catholic Church, their religion is Catholicism, which was founded by Our Blessed Lord, Jesus Christ in 33 A.D. on the apostle Peter (see Matthew 16:17-19).

When is the earliest record of Catholic religion?

The earliest record of the Catholic religion are the letters of St. Paul. The first recorded use of the word "Catholic" to designate the Church that Christ founded is in the letter of St. Ignatius of Antioch, the second Bishop of that See after St. Peter.

What was the main religion in colonial Maryland?

Created as a haven for the English Catholic minority it has had a protestant majority since it was founded.

What are the important dates and places where the Catholic religion was founded?

The catholic religion's seed was planted by the Roman emperor, Constatine. It consisted of a union of the then present Roman religion, idolatry, and an errant church, which was once a true church but apostacized..

What religion was founded by muhamadd?

The religion founded by Muhammad is called "Islam".

Who founded the religion of Hinduism?

No one single person founded religion

What was the religion of the Catholic Reformantion?

Catholicism was the religion of the Catholic Reformation.

Which religion of Vietnamese Catholic?

The religion of Vietnamese Catholics is Catholic.

Is Catholic a dumb religion?

Roman Catholic AnswerCatholicism is the religion or system of faith and morals revealed by God to man through Jesus Christ, who founded the Catholic or universal Church. As God is so much more intelligent then any human being can ever conceive, to call His religion dumb would be blasphemy, and kind of dumb.

Are Greek religion and catholic religion similar?

Catholic religion and Greek Christianity are somewhat similar, but other Greek religions are not similar to the Catholic religion.

Was the catholic religion founded before the Greek religion?

Depending on what you mean by "Greek religion" there could be two different explanations. You could mean the ancient Greek polytheistic temple worship, or you could mean the Early Greek Church. To both however, the answer is no; Catholicism was founded later then either of these.

Who are the leaders of the Catholic Religion?

hello. the leaders of the roman catholic religion (catholic religion) is the pope (he is the leader) . there are alo bishops, deacons and i think that there are some more people who are leaders of the catholic religion.

Where did the Catholics religion originate?

The Catholic religion originated in Jerusalem, it was the Church that Our Blessed Lord founded on His apostle, Peter, see St. Matthew's Gospel 16:17-19.

What is the difference between Catholic religion and Christian religion?

Roman Catholic AnswerThe question, as asked, makes no sense, as the Catholic religion IS the Christian religion, thus there is no difference.

What is the religious order founded by St. Ignatius Loyola to promote the Catholic religion during the Counter Reformation?

Ignatius of Loyola founded the Society of Jesus, also known as the Jesuits.

What work did Saint Joseph do for the Catholic Church?

Joseph died a Jew as he passed away before Our Lord founded the Christian religion.

Which religion is biggest baptic or Catholic?

Catholic is biggest religion in the world.

Is Catholicism the same as Catholic religion?

Yes, Catholicism = Catholic religion.

How did lord Baltimore's religion affect Maryland?

Lord Baltimore was a Catholic. therefore, when he founded Maryland, it was legal to be a Catholic there, unlike the other colonies. You had to belong to the state religion of England (Anglican) or the Puritan church. Therefore Maryland was a safe haven for Catholic immigrants to the New World, for a while at least.