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The Tokugawa was approximately 250 years of peace and prosperity for the Japanese people. It dated from the 1600s to about 1868.
Tokugawa Ieyasu was Hideyoshi's successor in 1600. He claimed the title of shogun and set up the Tokugawa shogunate which lasted until 1868.

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Q: When was the Tokugawa Era?
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Who is the greatest swordsman who fought in the tokugawa era?

Miyamoto Musahsi

Much of the prose literature of the Tokugawa Era was?

Lighthearted and Entertaining

Who remained in power during the entire Tokugawa Era in Japan?

The Yi Dynasty of Korea

Who chose to lead japan into an era of isolation?

I think it was Tokugawa shogunate. It was Tokugawa Ieyasu.....if that's how you spell it it might have been Oda Nobunaga, Toyotmi Hideyoshi, or Tokugwa Ieyasu

Why is 1600-1867 known as the tokugawa era?

The Tokagowa Showgunate was in power in Japan at the time.

What was order of main classes during the Tokugawa era from highest to lowest?

Warriors, artisans, merchants, and peasants.

Who was the founder of the tokugawa shogunate?

The Tokugawa Shogunate was founded by Tokugawa Ieyasu in 1603.

When did tokugawa become a shogun?

Tokugawa Ieyasu established the Tokugawa Shogunate in 1603.

Who was the founder of the Tokugawa Dynasty?

Tokugawa Ieyasu

How did the Edo Era of great peace begin?

It began in 1603 with the assumption of the Tokugawa family to leadership. Gradually, however, it devolved into seclusion.

What is the brief summary of tokugawa religion?

Tokugawa was not a religion. The Tokugawa was a family dynasty of shoguns commencing with Ieyasu Tokugawa being invested as Shogun on the 2nd of December, 1603.

How were the Tokugawa removed?

The Tokugawa regime was removed by the Meiji regime.

When was Tokugawa shogunate created?

Tokugawa shogunate was created in 1603.

When was Tokugawa Yoshitomo born?

Tokugawa Yoshitomo was born in 1950.

When was Tokugawa Mitsusada born?

Tokugawa Mitsusada was born in 1627.

When did Tokugawa Mitsusada die?

Tokugawa Mitsusada died in 1705.

When did Tokugawa Satonari die?

Tokugawa Satonari died in 1961.

When was Tokugawa Satonari born?

Tokugawa Satonari was born in 1899.

When did Tokugawa Nariaki die?

Tokugawa Nariaki died in 1860.

When was Tokugawa Nariaki born?

Tokugawa Nariaki was born in 1800.

When did Tokugawa Tadanaga die?

Tokugawa Tadanaga died in 1633.

When was Tokugawa Tadanaga born?

Tokugawa Tadanaga was born in 1606.

When was Tokugawa Masako born?

Tokugawa Masako was born in 1607.

When did Tokugawa Masako die?

Tokugawa Masako died in 1678.

When was Yoshihiro Tokugawa born?

Yoshihiro Tokugawa was born in 1906.