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When was the White Australia policy abolished?

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It was abolished in 1973 yerpp.. abolished in 1973.. since then non-European migrants had arrive to the country by a large number...

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When did the white Australia policy abolished started?

about 100 years or more when i did assignment it came out like that so,,,

How long did it take to abolish the white Australia policy?

The abolition of the White Australia Policy took place over a period of 72 years. Officially, the White Australia Policy was put into place at Federation, in 1901, although it had been in the making since the goldrush times of the 1860s. The policy was officially abolished in 1973.

What were gough whitlams policies?

The medicare policy, abolishment of conscription, forign policy, abolished uni fees, abolished white Australian policy, and encouraged decentralisation...

When was the white policy officially Abolished?

between 1949 and 1973.

Why was white Australia policy created?

because people thing that that white australia policy should be good

How was the White Australia Policy important in developing Colonial Australia?

The White Australia Policy was introduced after Federation and was therefore post-colonial.

How did the White Australia Policy and all the racism in the 19th century have a part in the push for a federated Australia?

The White Australia Policy was introduced well after the federation of Australia.

What year did the White Australia Policy finish?

The White Australia Policy, which restricted the entry of non-white immigrants into the country, ended in 1973.

Was there are particular cultural group targeted by the white Australia policy?

The White Australia policy was particularly targetted against Asians.

Who does the white Australia policy help?

White people

Why was the White Australia policy bad?


When did the white Australia policy change?

The White Australia policy started in1901 and ended in 1973 but it wasn't till 1978 when every country could migrate to Australia.

Was The new federated Australia was to be a white Australia and the Kanakas population was unwelcome?

White Australia Policy links below

What is the white Australia policy?

It was policy to keep Australia white, established so only "white" people could immigrate to Australia.This policy was alive and well during the first half of the last century.

How long was the white Australian policy in place for?

The White Australia policy comprises various historical policies that intentionally restricted "non-white" immigration to Australia from 1901 to 1973.

Who did the white australia policy effect?

people who wernt white idiot

Why did white Australia policy end?

There was international pressure to allow people of non European backgrounds to enter Australia. The change was slow, there was no significant "end date" for the white australia policy because the policy changed through time.

What is the name of the policy in Australia that promoted immigration from Europe and North America at the expense of other groups?

White Australia Policy

What was in the minds of those who introduced the White Australia Policy?

The mind of those who introduced the White Australia Policy was that without the policy Australia would be overrun by the Asians. People opposed to the intolerant bill pointed to Canada and New Zealand for example of countries with out such policy who were not being overtaken.

When did the white Australia policy start?

the 1980's

Did the whitlam government change Australia?

Yes. Thanks to the whitlam government we now have Medicare, HECS (higher education consulting service) and the white Australia policy has been abolished. He helped us along the way to what Australia is today. It is a multicultural society and has very good health services.

How did the White Australian policy affect the people?

The White Australian Policy was rule that only white people could come into Australia Cyberjac77

What is the recently abolished policy of racial segregation and discrimination adopted by past white-ruled South African governments?

This policy was known as apartheid.

When did the White Australia Policy end?

It ended in the early 1970s

How was the white Australia policy implemented in practice?

The white Australia policy was implemented in practice by introduing the dictation test, the language of which could be chosen by an immigration officer and the immigrant was not necessarily familiar with.