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La purisima concepcion mission was built in the year of 1787 I know that because I got it off the internet and I belive the internet

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In what town and state is the mission la purisima concepcion located?

La Purisima Conception is located in Lompoc, California.

What patron was the Purisima Mission named after?

The mission is named after the Blessed Virgin Mary - the Immaculate Conception. In Spanish La Purisima Concepcion.

Who lived in mission La Purisima Concepcion?

the chumash Indians and the spanidards lived there

Who founded mission La Purisima Concepcion?

it was founded by Father Fermin lausen

How close to the ocean is mission la purisima concepcion?

It is 30 miles from the ocean

What is the mission la purisima known for?

Mission La Purisima is the only mission built in a straight line, and it is the most completely restored mission in California.

How did the Mission la Purisima Concepcion get its name?

The mission was named Immaculate Conception Mission in honor of the Blessed Virgin Mary.

How many padres were at the la purisima concepcion mission?

4, because they only had 4 trucks.

Is La purisima Concepcion a city?


Did La Purisima Concepcion follow the quadrangle shape then built in a straight line?

No, mission La Purisima originally followed the standard four-sided quadrangle shape. Unfortunately the 1812 earthquake destroyed the mission buildings and the fathers decided it would be better to move to a different site. After moving they rebuilt the mission, but they built it into a straight line instead of a quadrangle.

Does La Purisima Concepcion have a priest's quarter?

yes it does

Where is la purisima concepcion located?

Lompoc, California

When was la purisima built?

La Purisima was built on December 18, 1787.

How many bells does the La Purisima Concepcion have?

It had one bell

What type of animals were raised at La Purisima Concepcion?


Describe a typical day for the native Americans at la purisima concepcion mission?

they made bricks out of mud and straw to rebuild the mission and it took alot of people to help rebuild the mission

What are two near Santa Ines?

la purisima concepcion and santa barbra

What city is la purisima concepcion located in?

DEnver and also in Mobile, Alabama

What did the la purisima mission produce?


History of colegio dela purisima concepcion in roxas city?

Colegio de la Purisima Concepcion (CPC) was previously an all-boys school. It is being run by the Archdiocesan of Roxas City.

Where is the La Purisima Mission Smp-Dpr in Lompac California located?

The address of the La Purisima Mission Smp-Dpr is: 2295 Purisima Road, Lompac, CA 93436

When was La Purisima Concepcion founded?

founded on December 8 1787 that was the best guess: of the internet

What crops did La Purisima Concepcion grow?

the kind of crops are vegtable crops

What crops were raised at Mission La purisima?


How did mission la purisima earn money?

by trading

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