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When was the start of the Chinese revolution?

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Which Chinese Revolution? There have been a number of them.

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What year did China's cultural revolution start?

The Chinese Cultural revolution started in 1966

What year did the Chinese Revolution start and end?

the year of Jackie Chan

What year was the Chinese revolution?

The Chinese Revolution. January 1949

Did the Chinese react to the Chinese revolution?


When was the first Chinese revolution?

the first chinese revolution was in may, 1905. but i wouldnt kno all of the info because im not chinese and im proud.

When was Military Museum of the Chinese People's Revolution created?

Military Museum of the Chinese People's Revolution was created in 1960.

Where can you watch kirarin revolution episode 103 in Chinese?

I don't think Kirarin Revolution is dubbed yet. There is only Chinese in sub. You can watch Kirarin Revolution Japanese dubbed with Chinese subtitles on

When was the war with the Chinese people?

The Chinese communist revolution was in 1949.

The Cultural Revolution was a plan to?

the cultural revolution to revolutionize the chinese culture

What led to the decline of Chinese Buddhism?

The Communist RevolutionThe Cultural Revolution

Was the Chinese Revolution justified?


What percent of the Cuban Chinese population left Cuba after Castro's revolution?

Though the exact numbers are not known, many Chinese Cubans left the country after the revolution. However, before the revolution, the numbers of the Chinese Cuban population were already dwindling.

Movement to renew the Chinese revolution and unite the Communist party?

Cultural Revolution

What is another name for the communist revolution?

Chinese Civil War or Cultural Revolution

What is the duration of How to Start a Revolution?

The duration of How to Start a Revolution is 1.42 hours.

What was the time frame of the Chinese Revolution?

The Chinese Communist Revolution began in 1946 and ended in 1950 with mainland China being taken over by the Communists. The Cultural Revolution lasted from 1966 to 1976.

In the Chinese revolution who was aided by the us?

The Kuomintang

How was life before the Chinese revolution?


Who overthrew the last Chinese dynasty?

The last dynasty of China was the Qing. The dynasty was defeated in 1911 by the Xinhai or Hsin-hai Revolution or The Chinese Revolution.

Did napoleon start the french revolution?

No, Napolean did not start the French Revolution, he came after.

Resistance by colonies to European domination during the Industrial Revolution included armed conflicts such as the Chinese?

during the Industrial Revolution included armed conflicts such as the Chinese

Which event or events could possibly have been a cause of the chinese cultural revolution?

I and II

What are the Effects of the Chinese Revolution of 1949?

One of the effects of the Chinese Revolution of 1949 was that the Chinese economy became modernized. It made the politics of China a more open system because before it was a closed and secret system.

What does the red background mean on the Chinese flag?

It symbolizes the blood and struggle of the people in the Chinese revolution.

Did the Chinese revolution have a positive or negative affect on the lives of Chinese people?

ask someone else