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Some Jews were sent to concentration camps in 1933, and a further batch was sent to camps from 1938 onwards. The wholesale transportation of Jews to death camps started in 1941. However, many had been forced to lead a wretched existence in ghettoes since 1939/40.

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Before concentration camps where were Jewish people put?


Why did the Jewish people get put in the concentration camps?

They were put into the camps because the Nazis did not want Jews in their society, they were segregated so that other people did not have to interact with them.

What did the Nazis do with disability kids?

They probably put them in concentration camps, as the camps housed more then just Jewish people.

Were there black people in concentration camps in World War 2?

i think so all Jewish people homosexuals gypsies and i think colored people were all put in concentration camps

Are Mental Hospitals the same as Concentration Camps?

No, concentration camps was where the Germans put the Jewish people and killed them, but mental hospitals are where people with mental illness go that can't live in normal society. Comparing them is an insult to all Jewish people and everyone who loved in the camps.

Jewish concentration camps?

The Jewish were mainly the ones to be put in concentration camps. Some were forced to become kapos, or prisoners that were granted special privileges to supervise other prisoners.

How are concentration camps and ghettos different?

concentration camps are where the natzis put Jewish people and killed them becoase of their relgon and ghettos are just neiborhoods that are geenerally poor and have gangs an dtend to involve shooting from high people

Describe the concentration camps in the Holocaust?

Concentration camps were camps that the Jewish, Gypsie, or other people were forced to go to, to be tortured or forced to do work. Adolf Htiler and the German Nazi Soldiers did not like those kind of people so they decided to put them in camps, called Concentration camps. They put them in these camps mostly because of their looks and their religion. The camps were built to fit many people in them. They also had many bunk beds to save room.

What did Hitler try to achieve in the war?

to eliminate all of the Jewish people. Hitler tried to do this because his mother died in a Jewish hospital when Hitler was a little boy. so, to avenge his mother he put Jewish people in concentration camps and used them to dig war trenches and other harsh "jobs." if the Jewish people in the concentration camps were to weak to work they were put in a gas chamber or they were tortured then shot.

How were people collected and transported to the concentration camps?

people got put in trains and then got transpoted to How were people collected and transported to concentration camps

How did Hitler think?

He was Jewish him self and he put Jewish people in concentration camps but anyway he thought of getting rid of Jewish people. ---------------------- No he's not Jewish himself. He is born in Austria...what my teachers told me, he's not Jewish. If he is, well then I'm surprised

Were young people put in concentration camps?


What were some punishment did the Nazi do to the jewis?

The people in Nazi Germany that were Jewish would be put in concentration camps and starved, or put in large ovens to be burnt to death.

What does the term Nazi have to do with to the Holocaust?

Nazi's put lots of Jewish people in concentration camps and then murdered most of them this event ws known as the holocaust

Where did the Nazis get permission to put people in Concentration Camps?

=From Hitler.=

What did Adolf Hitler do to the Jewish people?

He tortured them, killed them, put them in concentration camps, took away family members, hurt them in every horrible way.

How did Hitler limit the freedom of the Jewish population?

He put them in concentration camps and killed like 6 million

When did the Nazis start puting Jews into concentration camps?

The first time Jews were put into concentration camps for being Jewish was after Kristalnacht, some were returned, some perished and others stayed in the system. In 1940 some were held in labour camps, but it was not really until 1941 that Jews were rounded up and put wholesale into concentration camps.

Was it only the Jewish people who got put into the camps during the Holocaust?

no there were gypsies and gays who got put into those camps

How did the German's get rid of Jewish people?

they killed them or put them in slave camps

How many people were put in Nazi concentration camps?

All kinds of people were put into Nazi concentration camps during World War II. One of the hardest hit communities were the Jews of Europe (and some from North Africa, too). About six million died in concentration camps, though there were survivors.

How do you put concentration into a sentence?

I broke my concentration! Avoid the concentration camps!

Why were people put in japan concentration camps?

Because America thought they were spies

When were people put into concentration camps by Hitler?

In 1939 after the Nazis invaded Poland.

Why were Jews and other undesirables first imprisoned in concentration camps in early 1930's?

In the early 1930s Jews were not imprisoned in concentration camps. Others were put there to create a peaceful environment, political opponents, dissenters and criminals were the first people to be put in concentration camps.