Nazi Concentration Camps

When were the Nazi concentration camps discovered?


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1. The existence of concentration camps (punishment and labour camps) was well known already in 1933. One of their key functions at that time was to deter anyone thinking of opposing the Nazis. The existence of camps such as Dachau was never a secret, though precise details of what happened in these camps were not so well known. 2. Information about the existence of extermination camps reached the Allies from December 1941 onwards, but they were very skeptical about the information until mid 1944. 3. On 22 July 1944 the Soviet Army liberated Majdanek - the first major camp to be reached by any of the Allies.

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None. The Nazi concentration camps ceased to function (as Nazi concentration camps) with the defeat of Nazi Germany in May, 1945.

Nazi prison camps were called concentration camps.

The Nazi concentration camps started in March 1933. At that time they were mainly for political opponents, not for Jews.Dachau , one of the first Nazi concentration camps, opened in March 1933

Originally, the Nazi concentration camps were used mainly for political oponents of the Nazis.

There werent American CIVILIANS killed in Nazi Concentration camps. Civillians implies that they were not serving. There were American men in the army who were killed in Nazi Concentration camps, but no civilians.

About 25,000 worked in the Concentration Camps.

Concentration camps: 1933-1945. Extermination camps: 1941-1945.

A few ____ The Nazi camps ceased to function as concentration camps.

Nazi camps opperated through the whole Nazi era, 1933-1945. Other concentration camps have existed for far longer.

The Allies (including Britain) stopped the Nazi concentration camps and the Holocaust by invading and defeating Nazi Germany.

Yes. Part of the point of Nazi concentration camps, especially from about 1938 on, was to provide slave labour.

if you mean in the Soviet concentration camps, then poorly; they lost millions of soldiers in the camps.

The key distinction was between extermination camps and labour camps ("ordinary" concentration camps).

The Allies liberated many Nazi and Axis concentration camps in World War Two.The prisoners of war were sent to concentration camps.

The camps were mainly in Germany and in Nazi-occupied Poland.

The extermination camps were top secret.

In World War 1 (1914-18) there were no concentration camps. For the Nazi concentration camps, see the related question.

Heinrich Himmler was in charge of all concentration camps and extermination camps.

Most Nazi Concentration camps were built in Poland and Germany but some were built in France and the USSR.

the jews ___ Very few people indeed escaped from Nazi concentration camps.

Current Nazi Concentration Camps are used for exhbits and museums. A horrible sight to witness.

By Adolf Hilter, He decided to build the Nazi camps but it was people who were going to be in it akak Labout workers who actually built the camps.

Approximately 4.9million Jews and Jewish children died in the Nazi concentration camps.

American's liberated the Japanese concentration camps on American soil after WWII ___ The Americans liberated Nazi concentration camps in April and May 1945.

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