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I have two Model 94 Winchesters. One is serial number 1596xxx which was manufactured in 1949 and is marked '.30WCF.' The second is serial number 2086xxx and was manufactured in 1955. I cannot find a definitive date when Winchester switched from .30 WCF to .30/30 but I have seen, and once owned, more antique Winchesters makred '.30/30.' My hypotesis is that when production of Model 94s was resumed in earnest following WWII the .30WCF marking was used but changed to .30/30 in approximately 1954.

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Q: When were the markings changed from 30 WCF to 30 30?
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What is the value of a Winchester 64 30 WCF manufactured1950?

send detailed pictures (barrel markings etc) to and I will tell you.

What caliber is the Winchester 94-30 WCF?

The 30 Winchester Center Fire (WCF) is the same as the 30-30 cartridge

What year did that quit putting the WCF on winchester 94?

Winchester discontinued putting the WCF markings on there model 1894 rifles after World War II.

Is 30 wcf and 30-30 ammo the same?


Does anyome have informations concerning a 30-30 wcf Switzerland rifle?

You must provide a DETAILED description of ALL markings, barrel length, stock material, box, papers, accessories, finish, overall condition, etc..

What year is wcf 30 ser no 434088 manufactured?

We need make, model AND seral number. 30 WCF is the caliber. Several companies made rifles in that caliber.

Can you shoot 30-30 round in your 30 wcf?

Maybe. It needs to be examined by a gunsmith

What is the value of a Winchester model 94 30 wcf serial 1079994 and what is wcf?

According to your serial number ..Your lever action was Manufactured in 1930. The letters wcf: Winchester Center Fire

What is the date of manufacture and approximate value of a Winchester model 94 wcf 30 and diff between 30-30 and wcf 30?

When it was introduced, it was called .30 WCF (Thirty caliber Winchester Center Fire). At some point became 30-30. Value depends on condition. Around $ 300 would be somewhere in the ballpark. Marlin originally used 30-30 so they wouldn't have to put a Winchester "brand" on their rifles when manufactured in the caliber.

What is the value of a Winchester WCF 30 caliber?

We need to know the model, possibly the serial number, and definitely the CONDITION to estimate a value. 30 WCF just tells us what ammunition to buy for it.

What are the differences between the 30 WCF and the 30-30 caliber?

None. Same cartridge, different name.

Can you put a scope on a Winchester model 94 30 wcf?

No - Not correctly

What is the age of a Winchester 30 WCF with a serial number of 311265?


What does Model 94-30 WCF mean on the barrel of your 1894 Winchester?

Your rifle is a Model 94, named for the year of introduction, 1894. 30 WCF is the correct name of the ammunition it fires, .30 caliber Winchester Center Fire, the original name for the .30-30 cartridge.

Value of Winchester model 1874 30 wcf sn 409xxx?

The value of a Winchester model 1874 30 WCF SN 409XXX is $600 in fair condition. In excellent condition it is valued at $900.

Is Winchester 270 wcf the same as 270?

Yes. Many other early developed cartridges bore the wcf label as well. Like the .22 hornet, 30-30,and pistol cartridges as well.

What is the value of a Winchester model 94 nickel steel wcf 30 30?

50-550 usd

What year was a Winchester model 94 30 wcf serial number 1153176 made and is it a 30 cal are a 30-30?

year 1941

What is the age of 30 WCF Winchester Model 55 Serial 1032933?


What is the value of a Winchester 1894 30 wcf?

Impossible to answer without more information.

What is the cost of a 30 wcf octaganal barrelserial 564550?

100-1000 USD

What is the approximate age and value of a Winchester Model 94 nickel steel 30 WCF serial no 1032672?

I am researching a similar unit. My SS# is 1199055. I do know that SS#1000000 was presented to the sitting president in 1927.Answeryour gun was made between 1927-1928, I think Winchester changed the stamp from 30 wcf to 30-30 around 1946 Correct AnswerModel 94 serial number 1032672 was manufactured late in the year 1928. Winchester changed the caliber stamp from "30 W.C.F." to "30-30 WIN." very early in the year 1950. Serial number 1199055 was manufactured in the early months of the year 1939.Bert H.

What is kind size of ammo is used in a winchester 94 30 wcf?

"30 W.C.F." is Winchesters original designation for the 30-30 Winchester cartridge.

What is the difference between Winchester caliber 30 WCF and 30 WCF SR?

The description of 30 WCF SR is commonly found on rifles that have a Saddle Ring. (SR} Carbines are described as (SRC). Hope this helps. Steve

What calibers were Winchester Model 94s available in?

The original 1894 was chambered for 25-35 WCF, 30-30 (30 WCF), 32-40 WCF, 32 Special, and 38-55 WCF. In later production, 32 Win Spl, 7-30 Waters, 44 magnum, 480 Ruger Big Bore, 357 magnum, 45 Long Colt, 44-40 WCF, 444 Marlin, 44 Special, 307 Win, 356 Win, add 375 Win were available. Recent versions include .22 Long Rifle, 22 Magnum, 17 HMR, and if you include the Model 9410, 410 shot shells.