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Q: When were women first allowed to order from a bar in a public house in uk?
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Are you allowed to lock your husband out of your house in NJ?

Only if u get a restraining order against him.

Why do you sell beer?

To sell it on at a profit in my public house, in order to make a financial gain.

Which is the first task of the house of representatives after it is called to order?

to choose a speaker of the house

what is the first task of the house of representatives after its called to order?

Elect leaders.

What is the first task of the House of Representatives after is called to order?

Elect leaders.

What is the first task of the house of represatives after its called to order?

Elect leaders.

Can you write void public static main?

It is the syntax followed in java. First access specifier then return type. we should not chance the order. but we can change the order of public and static like static public void main()

What were lawyers allowed to do to their slaves in order to get information?

they were allowed to torture slaves in order to get info.

Can your wife change the locks on your house if you were forced to leave and allowed to return in Illinois?

If you were forced to leave by a court order- yes. If the court order was later terminated and you were allowed to resume your right to live there she must give you a key to access the premises.

Who was the first president to order a special sized bathtub in the white house?


In order to conduct a parade that uses public property this usually has to first be obtained?

D. a permit

What is the definition of public order?

Public masturbation

How does the Rules Committee control legislation in the House?

1) They determine when a bill will be released to go to the House for consideration 2) They can determine which, if any, amendments will be in order 3) They determine the length of debate to be allowed.

What is the order of succesion if a president dies?

First the President, then the Vice President, then the speaker of the house...

Can a person photograph you if you have a restaining order against them?

as long as they stay as far away as the restraining order says and they are not looking in your house...but if you are in public property then anyone can take pictures of you if they want.

What was one of the first order of business for the original Congress in 1789?

The first order of business for the 1789 Congress was to elect the first Speaker of the House. Frederick Muhlenberg, a Lutheran pastor from Pennsylvania, was chosen.

How many downs are given to the offense in order to make a first down in football?

Four downs are allowed to get 10 yards.

Who would be the first two people in order of succession if the president cannot complete his term?

In order: The Vice-President, and the Speaker of the House.

How do you upgrade your house in harvest moon cute?

Ok first you have to order the small coffee table from TV shopping. Then you can up-grade your house!

Do you think any of public order should be legalized?

Public order should not be legalized because it can be dangerous to people and property. Public order refers to crimes that disturb how a society runs.

How can electricity be helpful?

Electricity was needed in order to generate power to the device(s) which allowed you to pose this question on the internet in the first place...

When was Order of the House of Orange created?

Order of the House of Orange was created in 1905.

When was National Public Order Intelligence Unit created?

National Public Order Intelligence Unit was created in 1999.

What is a offense against the public order called?

In the Uk a minor public order offence is called a Breach of the peace.

What was the Fundanental Order of Connecticut?

The Fundamental orders of Connecticut was written by Thomas Hooker to govern Connecticut. It was considered the 1st attempt at democracy and gave Thomas hooker the nickname "Father of Democracy". It allowed men who weren't church member to vote, allowed people to vote for public officials, and set up courts for the public to repeal or allow laws.

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