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America will not return to "traditional" values...ever! Everything moves toward chaos not order. America began its slippery slide down the path toward chaos when they decided they no longer wanted GOD in the schools.

The Book of the Revelation describes America in detail. And that nation is slated for quick destruction. America (dispersed ten tribes of Israel) continues to commit the same sins that caused our ancestors to be driven out of the Land of Israel some 2,500 years ago. They are committing the same sins and because of that Yahweh(GOD) has sworn to bring sure judgment against any nation that forgets Him!

AnswerOnly when the American Natives rise to power.

When you say traditional values, it really means the traditional values you were conditioned to believe, correct?

AnswerAmerica will most likely have to go into a complete financial disorder, such as the Great Depression for this to occur. When America's citizens realize what fear is after they are unable to get jobs and feed their families, they will become closer together and take on faith (religion) to guide them as that would be the only thing they could have faith in. When companies near bankruptcy due to fraud and intentional mismanagement of money (ex: mortgage crisis), they will realize the only true way to earn money is through proper transaction between it and customers and consumers. The route were currently taking may very well lead us down this haphazard path if we somehow don't figure out a way to revitalize tradition now.
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Maybe when they decide to take a break from their headlong dash into purposeless materialism.

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Q: When will America go back to its traditional values?
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