When will you go into labor if iam 39 weeks 3cm dilated with baby number 4?

I don't think we have yet been able to "predict" exact birth dates yet. You would be able to predict better than any stranger. I would probably just stay close to the hospital and/or a vehicle with a driver and have an in house baby sitter for those other 3 kids of yours....because it is going to be pretty soon. Full gestation is 40 weeks, for all pregnancies and are deemed "full Term at 37 weeks, with Dr's being comfortable with inducing labor up to 10 days prior to EDD (Estimated Delivery Date). If you are extremely uncomfortable, I would talk to them about inducing labor. I had to have induction on my 2nd child to prevent the baby from being too big during birth. In comparison, everything went smoothly and I was more comfortable before, during and after the birth. I was also able to tie up final projects and be fully prepared.