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I believe that anyone can change his/her name (first or last) whenever he/she wishes to do so. You just have to apply for it and follow or requirements.

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Q: When you apply for citizenship but you married an illegal Mexican can you keep your own last name and change it after you have applied for citizenship?
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Is there a problem to get a us citizenship if you married to an illegal Mexican?


Can an illegal Mexican get married in NC?

Yes, an illegal Mexican can get married in the state of North Carolina. They will need to show a photo ID and a birth certificate.

If you get married to an illegal immigrant can they apply for citizenship?

yes but you have to do it for your spouse

Can an American get Mexican Citizenship or dual citizenship by marrying a Mexican?

A foreigner who marries a Mexican doesn't automatically get Mexican nationality, but they can apply for Mexican nationality after only 2 years instead of waiting longer. For example, a foreigner (not married to a Mexican) who applies for Mexican nationality on the basis of Mexican residence has to wait 5 years.

If an illegal alien is married to a US citizen for reason of obtaining citizenship do they lose citizenship if they get divorced?

A alien legally or illegally to the country can not gain citizenship if they get married to a American they have to apply for citizenship to obtain it. That is the answer to the question because the cirumstances of the question does not exist.

How does travel work if my Mexican fiance doesn't want to be a citizen when we get married Will I become a Mexican citizen?

No you will not become a Mexican citizen but you will have Mexican recidency. Your fiancee can have the option to apply for citizenship later on if she wants.

How does an illegal Mexican get a green card if married to an US citizen?

Lie about ur wife say she is mexican too

Is it legal or illegal if already married Indian wants to arrange his second marriage with American citizen just to obtain the American citizenship?

It is illegal.

Can a US citizen marry an illegal Mexican who still married of her illegal Mexican husband?

From what I understand, you can't marry anyone who is already married (unless they divorce their current partner or become a widow)

If you married a illegal alien and she lost her citizenship are you legally divorced?

no, you must file for divorce to be legally divorsed

If a us citizen married a Mexican citizen in Mexico can they get citizenship?

No. Neither will automatically become citizen of the other country.

If you are not married but living with a Mexican does he have a right in the usa after 9 years?

Not at all. Legal proceedings must be followed to get citizenship.

Can an illegal citizen married for 10yrs to a citizen get granted citizenship when getting divorced if they have 4 children that are citizens?


What are the requirements for a UK citizen to get a Mexican passport?

Most foreigners can obtain a Mexican passport if they move to Mexico with an immigrant visa and live there for four years (2 years if married to a Mexican citizen). Then one can apply for Mexican citizenship and passport.

Your boyfriend is an illegal Mexican and im pregnant can he still live here if im pregnant?

No. Get married.

What can you do if you married an illegal alien for love but found out after two months of marriage that he only married you for a green card?

Report her to U.S. Citizenship and Immigration Services (USCIS)

How long does it take to get a Mexican passport after marrying a Mexican citizen?

You must move to Mexico with your spouse and live there for two years with an immigrant visa, then you can apply for Mexican citizenship. You can have both a Mexican and a US passport and be a dual citizen. If you were not married to a Mexican citizen, you would have to live there for four years.

How do you marry a Mexican?

Well, because the answer if both of you are of the same country of origin is so obvious, I am going to assume you mean one of US citizenship and one of Mexican citizenship. If you want to get married in the US, the person with US citizenship would have to set up the marriage. I would ask your local government officials.

You are married to an illegal immigrant and you have a son can he ever be legal?

Anyone born in the US, regardless of the citizenship of the parents, can elect to be a US citizen.

Can an illegal alien get married to a green card holder and get a status?

They will be just married to the card holder; that will not help the illegal in any way, and could have a bearing on whether the card holder can get citizenship (assisting a person they know to be committing a crime, for example).

Can the same-sex spouse of a Mexican citizen obtain dual citizenship?

Yes, after living in Mexico for two years, as opposed to five years if you are not married to a Mexican. The Mexican Supreme Court has ruled that same-sex marriages must be recognized.

Is it illegal for a citizen to marry someone from India for citizenship purposes only?

Yes. It is illegal to marry ANYONE for citizenship purposes only. That person could be deported and barred from life from this country and the citizen that married him/her could face hefty fines or prison time.

How do you get married to an illegal Mexican in the state of Wisconsin?

It might be better for your favorite illegal person to go home before you marry them. Then, get married and apply for permanent status. It will not go as smoothly if you try to change their status while they are in the US.

Does the spouse of a permanent US citizen retain permanent citizenship after the spouse dies?

No, he is no longer married to a citizen so no longer has citizen status; unless he has applied for and completed the citizenship process to become a citizen in his own right.

Can a illegal Mexican married to an American get his green card without being deported?

yes but it takes lots of time and money

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