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When you apply the brakes firmly on a 2002 Chevy Silverado it pulls to the right?


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2009-02-06 04:30:08
2009-02-06 04:30:08

You might also check the right tire pressure. If the pressure is low, the truck will pull to the right when you step on the brake. Check left brake caliper to ensure that it slides on pins (where bolts go through) and make sure caliper piston isn't seized. If pins or caliper is seized the right caliper will outpower the left causing a pull to the right. I had the same problem with a 93 GMC.Changing the left side rubber brake line solved my problem. Answer Have a friend apply firm pressure to the brake pedal while you watch the rubber brake line on the left older line can swell under pressure replace them immediately if this is the case. While your at it check the entire brake system for leaks replace any leaking components immediately. Worn front suspension bushings can cause a pull as the weight of the vehicle shifts to the front of the vehicle during breaking. Check upper and lower control arm bushings for signs of cracking or tearing, check for play in you lower ball joint you can do this by jacking the front of the vehicle off the ground and moving the tire up and down if you feel any play or a clunk your lower ball joints are worn. While your at it check the sway bar end link bushings for signs of cracking or tearing (I've even seen them go overlooked for so long the rubber disentigrated and the end link was no longer attached to the control arm)


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Prevents brakes from locking by pulsating the pressure when you apply firmly so they don't grab.

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False. If you have anti-lock brakes, just press firmly on your brake pedal and the computer will take over. Do not pump the brake pedal.

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You can only do this in park ... Turn off your truck ,apply the parking brake and turn your truck back on .

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Most common cause of that is the rotors are out of round are warped. REPLACE ROTORS.

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