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"Normal", is whatever is normal for you. Some people certainly do go on about a new relationship, but most people get tired of hearing about it. You may want to talk about your latest love, but people will only be happy for you for a brief time, then they expect you to move on with life. "Normal" is being in a relationship. That means that since almost everybody does it we don't really want to hear you go on about it forever. "Normal" is sleeping well at night. But it's not normal to go on about how well you slept. People don't want to hear it.

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How can you sustain your harmonious relationship with your family?

Communication is key to every relationship, with family, boyfriend & girlfriend, friends, etc.

What are two signs of an abusive relationship?

If you always fight, then it is an abusive relationship. If you do not want to be around your boyfriend/girlfriend, then it is an abusive relationship. If you can not talk or be around your family and friends then you are in an abusive relationship.

What is the difference between the relationship you have with your family friends and boyfriend?

There are many differences between the relationship that you have with your family, friends, and boyfriend. With your family you have a deep, loving, permanent relationship. With your friends, you have a more fun, and compatible relationship. With your boyfriend you have a romantic relationship.

What does it mean when your boyfriend tries to hide the relationship?

that he has something to hide. or he doesnt want people to know he is dating you. or he already has a girlfriend. or it could have something to do with his family or his friends

How do you stop being excited for a holiday?

Hi, These are the possible answers for your question: Sleep Night out with friends (bar) Have fun with the family Play on your game consoles Talk to friends/the person you are in a relationship with I hope this answered your question! Best regards,

Who is Sean biggerstaff girlfriend?

Dunno. Maybe he has a girlfriend, but nobody know who is she.... except his family or friends...

What are the types of relationship?

friend,family,boyfrind/girlfriend, fiancé, marriage,spiritual...

Why is Equality important in a relationship?

Type your answer and friends

Who would be more interesting to spend time with family or old friends?

Well it depends on your relationship with your family and friends. But for me it would be my old friends as I have not seen them in ages.

Brothers property from a girlfriend after he died?

If a girlfriend has a brothers property after he has died a family can request that she gives it back. Depending on the length of the relationship, the family should offer some of the brothers items to the girlfriend out of respect.

How was Johnny and Darry in a relationship?

in the outsiders? Well, they were friends. that is a type of relationship. Johnny is a friend of the curtis family

What is relationship question?

is like family or bf gf relationships and or friends

What is an outside family relationship?

Someone who is not in your immediate family, but feel like they are family. Your best friends will be considered as an outside family relationship. Just anybody who's not in your family that you're close to in some sort of way.

What to get a potential girlfriend?

find out what she likes! asking friends if not even her family members is good

What is the meaning of loves?

friends. partners. boyfriend. girlfriend. family. neighbor. "puppy love".

What is the definition of a relationship?

A relationship is a bond between two people. (or more if its family or a bunch of friends your referring to in a conversation)

Does Jaden Smith have a Yahoo Mail?

mabey ,but if he did he would probley only give it to close family friends or girlfriend or family

Can friends become boyfriend girlfriend?

Answer Sure, why not, there aren't any boundries when it comes to love with the possible exception of in the family, other than that, friends are probably the best way to have a relationship, at least you know a lot about each other. That's a good way to start.

Does Alice cullens friends and family think or know shes hyper?

Yes she is hyper and her family knows that. She gets really excited when Bella gets married to Edward.

What do people in Ireland value most?

Family and friends.Family and friends.Family and friends.Family and friends.Family and friends.Family and friends.Family and friends.Family and friends.Family and friends.Family and friends.Family and friends.

What can you do if your girlfriend's friends and family don't like you for a certain incident that occured?

break up with your girlfriend.

Who does Nat Wolff love?

His Family,Friends,Fans,his dog ET, and his girlfriend Miranda cosgrove.

What is the adjective in this sentence The excited family climbed aboard the train?

'Excited' is the adjective. It describes the noun 'family'. The only other noun is 'train', and there is no adjective linked to it.

How do sneak a relationship?

Do you mean like cheating on someone or trying to hide it from friends and family?

What is the relationship between the Winans and the Houston's?

The Winans and Houston family are really close friends.

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