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It was my experience (three times) that it was continuous. At least the sore breasts. I don't really recall a bloated feeling per se. But pregnancy symptoms are different for each pregnancy for each woman. If you think you may be pregnant, you should take a test. They can be bought at a dollar store, so you don't have to spend a lot of money.

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How many kilojoules should a pregnant woman eat a day?

The amount of kilojoules a pregnant women should consume all depends on which trimester of pregnancy she is in. If she consumed the appropriate amount of kilojoules before she became pregnant, she would need not to consume extra kilojoules on her first trimester. On her second trimester, she should consume an extra 1400 extra every day. As she moves onto her third trimester, she should start consuming another extra 1900 kilojoules a day.

Could you be pregnant if your period is a week late and a test was negative but you don't have any menstrual symptoms?

If you are pregnant you usually get some menstrual symptoms. As you are not getting these it is possible you didn't ovulate this month. Take another test in a week as you may be pregnant, not everyone has symptoms.

When pregnancy symptoms start is it after 1 week intercourse?

It takes 2 weeks to get pregnant and then another few weeks until you get symptoms.

Can you take nitrofurantoin mono mac while pregnant?

I was prescribed this medication twice during my first trimester...once at 4 weeks and another at 10 weeks. It is safe for pregnant women!

How can you tell you are pregnant when you have a negative result but you have symptoms?

Go to the doctor and tell them about the symptoms you are having, then take another pregnancy test just to make sure.

Can you get two normal heavy periods each within 28 days of one another and have no symptoms for ten weeks and still be pregnant?

No. Two normal heavy periods and no symptoms of pregnancy sound like your definitely not pregnant.

I think I might be pregnant but I'm not having any symptoms is there another way to tell I'm pregnant?

There are commercial pregnancy tests, to check whether you are pregnant. I am not sure how reliable they are. Or you could consult with a doctor.

Can you conceive another baby while in your first trimester?


What symptoms dop you have at 4 weeks pregnant?

Many women have no symptoms at all. Nausea, morning sickness and missed period are common. Spotting is another symptom that happens with some women.

Could it be in your head if you have been having symptoms of being pregnant but don't have a positive test result?

Yes. A lot of whomen who want to be pregnant can actually make themselves feel symptoms. You should really wait until you are late with your period and then take another test.

How can you tell if your pregnant with twins?

To state the obvious ask your doctor. Usually at about 8 weeks they can tell on an ultrasound. Some symptoms are that you feel big. You have extremely bad morning sickness and really large weight gain in your second trimester, like 7 - 10lbs. These are just a few :) Another sign is if your test line is darker then the control line early in pregnancy like 4weeks pregnant which is the 1st day of your missed period.

What if you had most of the pregnancy symptoms before your period was due and then the symptoms disappeared but a pregnancy test is negative and your period is nine days late?

you might be pregnant, but i doubt it. the symptoms were probably just pms, and if you were worried/excited that you might be pregnant, the stress could have delayed your period. if you dont get your period by the end of the week , take another test - if you are pregnant you may have just tested too early. if you still think you are pregnant , but still get a negative result, see your dr.

What are the early signs of pregnancy if your period's not due for another week or two?

If your period is not due for another 2 weeks you may not even be pregnant. If you are pregnant and you period is due in a week you would not have any symptoms yet as implantation is only just occurring.

What are some symptoms or things that can happen on her body when she is 2 months pregnant?

morning sickness is one thing that can happen and mood swings are another.

What should you do if you're not supposed to have your period for another week and a half but everthing in your mind tells you you are pregnant?

Relax.If you have it in your mind that you might be pregnant then you might miss your period ,and you mind might make you think you have the symptoms of being pregnant. Go to

What is another word for continuous?


Could I be pregnant if I have a negative pregnancy test 1 day after period due however have pregnancy symptoms?

Sometimes the tests can be wrong, so definitely take another test to make sure whether you are or aren't pregnant. These symptoms could be something else, and it is most likely that you're not pregnant if the test came out negative, but it's worth checking, just in case. It is definitely possible that you ARE pregnant.

Is incessant and continuous a phrase or a idiom?

Incessant and continuous is not an idiom and it is not a happy phrase. Incessant, continuous works; or inverted into continuous, incessant; or separated with another idea e.g. continuous and seemingly incessant.

Can I still be pregnant even though urine test at physician's was negative?

It's very unlikely, but you should talk to your doctor if you have symptoms of something--it could be you're pregnant after all, or it could be you have another condition.

I took a pregnancy test at the clinic and it came back negative and then i came on my period but im having all the symptoms of being pregnant what does this mean?

As all the symptoms are there as you say, then it is best to take a urine test a week later, and then have another one done in another lab.

Is it likely you're pregnant with none of the usual symptoms other than amenorrhea inconclusive tests X2 one from gp?

Pregnant and not pregnant are both possible. Wait another couple weeks and take another test. If you still haven't started your period you should talk to your doctor about reasons why you have skipped a period.

Could a woman be over a month pregnant and still get a negative pregnancy test result?

It is possible, wait another 2 weeks and take another test if you have still not had your period. However the symptoms of pregnancy can be several other things as well, so you may not be pregnant.

You have pregnancy symptoms and had your period and the test says negative i think im 5 weeks could you be pregnant?

I would go to the doctor and do another test if I were you. I would go to the doctor and do another test if I were you.

What is another name for progressive tense?

Another name is continuous tense.

What is another meaning for always?

Continuous, constantly