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Check your map sensor

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Q: When you come to a stop or am just driving your car just kind of turns of but will start right back up?
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Why did your car die when driving but start right back up?

it was broke

Why does 98 Monte Carlo die while driving and then doesn't want to start back up right away?

Why does your 90 240sx turns off when driving but turns on right away only to shut off like 10 min later?

check your battery connections, you may have a loose connection at your battery causing your car to lose power and shut off then it regains the connection and turns back on

94 thunderbird with a 4.6L When driving it will stall for a second then sometimes it will die all together When it does you can put it in neutral turn the key back it will start right bac?

what makes my ford thunderbird stall and sometimes die and not start back up

What can cause a car to shut off why driving down the road and start right back up it a oldmobile?

that generally means you need to replace the cam positioning snsor

Why does your car turn off after driving like 100 feet but then later turns right back on?

I have seen this happen when the security system has been tripped. The car will start up and run for a short amount of time then die. I ran into this exact thing on an Olsmobile Alero. I fixed it by disconnecting the battery cables for about five minutes and then hooking them back up. It causes the computers and security systems to reboot.

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Is it right to use both legs when driving an automatic car?

NO If you go back to driving a manual vehicleyou will get almighty problems.It is far safer just to use your right foot on the pedals.

Why would a KIA Rio just decided to shut off in the middle of driving and it not start back up again?

Probably the alternator. If the engine turns over when you try to start it I suspect a broken timing belt. i had similar prob in an 04 rio, turned out to be a fault with a connection to the engine fuse block

What causes a Toyota car engine stop running while driving?

when i am driving my toyato 2001 Eaco stops running, it will start back up

What do you do when part of the screen in your cellphone turns black?

take out the battery and put it back in then start ure phone again

If your 93 Nissan Maxima shuts off while driving and turns back on just as quickly what could be the problem?

Check battery cables/connections.

Can you drive back to the same point without taking a left turn?

Yes, if you take all right turns.

What could it mean if your car turns on but then shuts right back off?

Could be as simple as a plugged fuel filter.

Why might a 1994 Chrysler New Yorker not start after it stopped while driving?

When you say not start, do you mean doesn't crank or does nothing when the key is turned? BClear. I have a 95 that did that and it ended up being the cam sensor. After it stalled I would have to wait a few and then it would start right back up.

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What would cause a 1986 Toyota celica engine to die when driving it but will start right back up?

Fuel filter may be clogging up enough to not provide enough gasoline to keep the engine running, but will accumulate enough gasoline in it to re-start the vehicle.

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2000 Honda passport and the check engine light will not turn off you have replaced the egr valve and also replaced the fuel pump because the sensor was bad you had the codes cleared and after driving?

after driving it for fifteen minutes it turns back on

Why would a 1997 old aurora die driving down the road then just start right back up?

Mine did same thing. Only didn't immeadiatly start up.but did after an hour. Never has done it again. Suspecting fuel pump. No trouble codes triggered.

Why would a 1995 f 250 stall while driving and then start right back up?


Why does my 1994 Lumina Apv 3.8L engine cut off for no reason while driving and start right back up even though I have replaced the battery and alternator?

Check the ignition control module...notorious for this problem

What does an ECM do?

i have a 2001 Chevy lumina and i am wondering if the ECM is going out, sometimes it will die when i am driving but starts right back up, sometimes it will die and not start up after several hours of sitting, then it starts up. Could this be the ECM?