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Maybe - maybe not. Here's an easy way to find out:

Fill your pool to the normal level. Mark the water level on the side of the pool with a non-permanent marker.

Fill a 5-gal bucket with water. Mark the water level also with the marker. Place the bucket next to the pool.

Compare the water levels for a couple of weeks. If you have a leak in the pool, the water level in the pool will go down much faster than the water level in the bucket. If they go down at about the same rate, then no leak.


I would modify the answer here by putting the bucket on the top step of the pool. If no step find a way to get the bucket partially submerged in the pool water. Reasoning here is that both bucket and pool water attain the same temps.


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Q: When you open your pool and you have lost about 2ft of water does this mean there might be a hole?
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