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Fuse issue, on the MK4 look on the driver side next to the door, find the blown fuse and replace,

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โˆ™ 2009-02-07 03:33:28
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Q: When you put your foot on the gas your dash lights go out What could be wrong?
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1997 ford econoline custom van it has no blinkers or brake lights and all other lights work and fuses under dash are good any ideas?

The problem could result from either the hazard module, located below the fuse box by your foot, gone bad or the indicator control on the steering column is bad.

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What could be wrong if your ford will start but if you let your foot off the gas it dies?

starter module or fuel filter

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69 firebird all the back lights work the dash lights workbut the headlights won't It has the old foot highbeam lowbeam switch on the floor.but i don't have one.without that will the headlights work?

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Total failier of brake lights back up turn and rear driving lights work though over cab dosent help you please it is a 2001 Mazda B3000?

I have a 1999 B3000 that had an after market tow harness added so the truck would have rear lights only when towed. There was a toggle switch installed under the dash near the gas pedal that I would hit with my foot and turn off all the rear lights. Head lights still worked fine.

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