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it could very well be that one or two of you spark plugs are cross threaded, you should check for lots of oil around the top of the plugs, and the other thing it could be is ignition.

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โˆ™ 2005-05-06 04:04:20
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Q: When you start my 1995 Chevy corsica 22l it bogs down and sounds like it is running off of two cylinders until you rev it up then it idles perfect?
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What work needs to be done to your car when it starts shaking as soon as you start it up?

Sounds like you have a bad misfire and are running on less than all cylinders. Check that all cylinders are getting a good spark if petrol.

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Bring to shop or auto parts store and have vehicle scanned to detemine problem -- sounds like it is not running on all cylinders

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Usually when a car sounds like a mower it isn't running on all cylinders. Try a tune up and if that don't work try the coil if this car has one.

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No - have you checked that it is firing on all cylinders - Sounds like the engine is mis firing or not firing on all cylinders.

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sounds like it could be a head gasket is leaking coolant into one of the cylinders also could be the computer holding a fuel injector on constantif you smell raw gas and lack of power

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Why are all cylinders misfiring on my 1997 Cadillac catera?

sounds like someone is ready for that $600 tuneup

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2005 cobalt engine sounds like running on 3 cylinders changed plugs still missing dirty injector computer?

The first place to start looking is the spark plug wires. They can be checked with an ohm meter. Rule of thumb is 5000 ohms per foot of wire.

Why is is there no power in my eclipse you go to accelerate and its stalls basically it sounds like a moped and feels like it also when accelerating?

it sounds to me like you r misfirin on some cylinders try changin spark plugs and wires if that dnt fix it try the coil paks it sounds to me like you r misfirin on some cylinders try changin spark plugs and wires if that dnt fix it try the coil paks

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sounds like coil pack issue

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Why would a 91 Corsica rev high and jerk when starting off or going up hill?

it sounds like clutch problems to me. i have an automatic that does that to me on really cold days

Is 90 lbs good compression at cylinders?

Sounds a little low to me. Check to see if all cylinders measure about the same. ANOTHER ANSWER That would be good for most engines. What you're looking for is any kind of serious fluctuation in the pressure between cylinders. If you're getting 90 psi consistently, you're in good shape.

1995 Corsica comes to a stop brake pedal vibrates and car rolls a few feet?

Sounds like the anti-lock brake system. best to have a professional look at it.

Why does a 1995 Chevy Corsica make humming noises mainly when you accelerate and when you turn?

I would start by checking the power steering fluid, sounds like the fluid may be low.

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Sounds like the engine heats and the ignition fails.