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When you try to open a PDF file attachment from your email it opens up in Word Pad how do you get out of this?

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You'll need to download and install Adobe Reader. PDF files will then open with this program. If you already have acrobet reader than right click on any pdf file and select open with, a dialog box appears, select acrobet reader form it and check the box denoting "Always use this for such kind of files".

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How can a file be sent by email?

Most email systems allow you to attach a file to an email message. Look for keywords such as 'attachment' or 'file.' Sometimes a paperclip icon indicates the attachment command. Once you have found the attachment, select the file you wish to send, confirm that you wish to upload it, and send the email.

What is any file connected to an email?

An attachment.

How do you email pictures?

you send as an can attach it as a file onto the email

What is an attachment button used for in an email?

To attach a file, such as a photo, to an email.

Can a file be sent from a pen drive as attachment in email?

Yes, pen drives and other drives as well, granting that the file file attachment does not exceed the maximum file size allowable by the email client.

What is attachment in email?

An attachment is where you attach something from your computer, lets say a music file, word document, pictures or videos to the other party. There is a file size limit you can't exceed simetimes

How do you send a file in gmail with a email?

You can send a file in Gmail via attachment. A file could be an audio file a video or anything. The attachment uploads and then can be sent.

What is a extra file sent with an email?

it is called an attachment

Src error when sending email attachment?

The attachment can to big or has not allowed file type.


An attachment is a file (text, picture, video, etc) that is attached (fixed) to an email. The attachment does not appear on the face of the email, but has to be opened to be viewed by the recipient.

A file that comes with an email?

A that comes with an e-mail is an attachment.

How does one send a file through mail?

The best way to send a file through mail would be as an attachment to your email. All email have an attachment symbol, which is usually shown as a paperclip.

What does attachment mean in email technology?

An attachment is a file that is sent along with an email message. Imagine a postal envelope containing a letter and a small picture of the sender. The envelope is the email, the letter is the body of the email and the picture could be an attachment.

How does Computer get viruses?

Usually when you open a file or email attachment. Never open a file or email attachment that is unfamiliar to you or if the sender is unknown to you. Also, be sure you have an updated and reliable anti-virus application running on your computer.

What can you do to reduce the size of an email attachment?

Zip the file with a program like

What is an attachment used for in a email?

To Attach a document or a photo or any other file to send with the email across the world!

What is an attachment in a email?

An eMail attachment is a file (e.g. picture, spreadsheet, program) that is encoded into the eMail so that Mail programs can extract, identify, display, and save the file. It is analogous to attachments to ordinary letters (i.e. not part of the letter itself but enclosed in the same envelope).

How do i make one of those PowerPoints in an email attachment that when you click on it comes up automatically?

You can Package the whole PowerPoint presentations into one file. And you can get a .rar file. Just attachment it~@

What feature to reduce a file size that may be too large for an email attachment?


What is feature to reduce a file size that may be too long for an email attachment?


How do you email music from the my music folder?

add it as an atachment Yes compose an email and add the music file as an attachment and send it.

How do you send an attachment with an email?

There should be a button that says "add attachment" somewhere when you are comosing a message. Click on that, and then seledt the file you wish to attach.

How can you copy an email doc file onto your computer?

In most cases, an email attachment is signified by a paperclip. If you click on the paperclip, chances are a dialog box will appear where one of the options is to save attachment.

How do you send a 25 KB attachment by email?

Every email service provide attachment facility with email of different size of attachments for example yahoo, hotmail, gmail etc. just click on attachment link in new message window and attach the desired file with it and you can send it easily.

How do you email an audio track?

If the audio is on a CD, you first need to make it into a file with a CD ripping software such as CDex or Windows Media Player. When you have the file, you can email it as an attachment to the reciepient