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You might want to try replacing the bulbs in the tail lights, could be a short in the bulb or possibly a bad ground connection

You have installed a single contact bulb (possibly an 1156) into a brake light socket meant for a dual-contact bulb. The single contact bulb is shorting the two contacts in the dual-contact socket.

The Fix: Replace the improper single-contact (single filament) bulb with the proper dual-contact (dual-filament) bulb. Dual filament bulbs are typically used in brake lights. Look there first.

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Q: When you turn on your blinkers they work fine until you hit the brakes then the blinker stops blinking and stays on how do you fix this?
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What to do if the Turn signal lamp stays on?

Get a new blinker unit.

On a Mitsubishi eclipse the right blinker blinks constantly and the left blinker stays on could this be the flasher?

turn it off, awww this is the mon

85 Chevy blinker stays lit but not flashing any suggestions?

The first thing I would do is replace the flasher. The flasher is what controls the on / off of your blinkers, giving you the blink blink. If that doesn't work, it sounds like your turn signal switch is going bad. GOOD LUCK

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That is called the cursor.

1999mustang v6 I turn on the car and the right signal light stays on and doesnt blink I switch the car off and the left signal light stays on without blinking I need help?

If you turn on your 1999 mustang v6 car and the right signal light stays on and doesn't blink and you switch the car off and then the left signal light stays on without blinking, then you need to see a mechanic.

The turn signal stays on only blinking to the left and it doesnt go off what does this mean?

Defective turn signal switch.

1989 Jeep and the red brake light in the dash stays on all the time brakes have been replaces how do you get this light to go out?

you have air in your brakes bleed them

Brake light stays illuminated on a 2001 ford escapes dash the front brakes have new brakes and rotors could this be due to worn rear brakes what may be other causes?

have you checked your brake fluid??

How do you repair a 1992 Dodge Caravan when the brakes lock up and the brake light stays on?

The dealer will know how to access the codes for the brakes. When that is fixed it should not lock up then.

94 Ford Ranger. Left front blinker stays steady. Bulb shines but wont blink. How do I get access to bulb Is the bulb the problem Changing blinker bulb not as easy as changing headlamp. Thanks?

I am so sorry to tell you that i cant answer your question but i would if i could

Why would the Emergency brake light stays on in 1994 voyager?

You have air in your brake lines. Have the brakes bled.

How do you reapir parking brake cable on a 2001 Nissan Frontier?

The parking light stays on how am I sure the parking brakes are not on

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