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When you turn the key all you hear is a clicking noise and some say that its the starter but you don't know?

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If the voltage level of the battery is low, turning the key to "Start" can cause a further voltage drop and you'll hear the click. Sometimes the low voltage condition will be such that the starter is engaged, drops voltage below a threshold, the solenoid disengages because of low voltage condition then the voltage comes back up enough to re-engage the solenoid and it clicks again. In either case, if you have a volt-meter check the voltage of the battery while someone attempts to start the engine. If the voltage stays anywhere near 12 Volts, check both battery terminal connections. If either is dirty you may just need to clean the contacts. If the battery voltage is down near 7 or 8 Volts when you try to start the vehicle your battery voltage is too low to do much good. The battery COULD be bad or the alternator may just not be charging. Don't just replace the battery until you are able to determine if it's a battery or alternator problem. With the same volt meter, check the battery voltage when the engine is running. The alternator SHOULD bring the battery voltage up to 13.5 volts (or near enough) and if it doesn't, you probably have a charging problem. In either case, have a reputable parts store, like Checker Auto, Kragen Auto, Auto Zone or Pep Boys check the charging system and the battery to find out what's wrong. In some cases the starter can be faulty and drawing too much current but they can check that too.

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Why do I hear a clicking noise when turning the key in the ignition then on the 3rd try the car does start?

The clicking noise you can hear is the starter solenoid clicking into place. If the starter motor does not turn the engine immediately, it is probably the best place to look. it sounds like the starter motor is faulty.

How do you trouble shoot a starter problem?

When you try to start engine is there any noise,such as clicking from area of starter?If you can hear a clicking , this usually indicates poor connections.To trouble shoot starter problem, the first thing i would do is determine if it is starter or solenoid.To do this ,you need a remote starter switch,connected to starter solenoid.Solenoid is located either on the starter,or on firewall in engine bay,depending on what vehicle you have. if you dont have a remote switch, you can short the solenoid terminals with a screw driver.When shorting, if the solenoid is good you will hear clicking.If you dont hear anything , replace the solenoid.If you hear clicking and starter doesnt work, pull the starter out and replace .

What is that clicking noise on the roof?

Believe it or not we cant hear that clicking noise on the roof, a description will help you get an answer...

Why would a car only make a clicking noise and not turn over when you turn the key?

The clicking noise that you hear is the starter solenoid trying to get the starter to run. Chances are the bendix in the starter is locked up. A good fix for a locked up bendix is a few good taps with a hammer. This should free up the bendix.

2001 Ford Excursion v-8turbo diesel that will not start When you turn the key you get a clicking noise What might be the problem?

clicking noise when u turn the key to start is either a bad battery or bad battery connection or the starter needs replacing rule out the solenoid, as the clicking you can hear comes from the solenoid

How do you know your starter is broken?

you will hear a loud screeching noise from where the starter is trying to engage with the flywheel...if these cogs are worn the starter will slip and make this noise.

What if car wont start and your hear clicking sound?

Its the starter or celenoid

Why do you have a clicking noise when driving your 1993 caprice?

I hear a clicking noise coming from my jeep when I hit speeds greater then 50 MPH? any ideas on what can cause this

Where do you find the horn on a 1999 Z24 The fuse is fine but all I hear is a clicking noise when the horn is pressed?

its located under the front right head light. dont worry about the clicking sound its your relay.

When you try to start your 2005 dodge durango it just makes a clicking noise starter and battery was recently replaced?

When you hear a clicking noise is most likely a battery problem however you stated that the battery was replaced so i suggest you check the condition of your cables look for rust or corrosion etc.

How do you know what part of the starter is broken?

Most starting problems will be caused by a faulty relay or solenoid where you will only hear a clicking sound when trying to start the vehicle or a low battery in which case you will hear a buzzing-type rapid clicking noise. Ocassionally a starter does go bad in which case what you are listening for is a whirring noise (bad starter drive) where the starter will turn but not engage the flywheel, or a grinding noise also known as dragging (worn bushings) which is diagnozed by the starter turning very slow. If there is a "clunking" noise while attempting to start the engine, the starter drive gear may be worn and "spinning" on the flywheel without engaging, or the gear and/or flywheel may have damaged teeth. Also, there may be a case of a starter being burnt out in which case you have to remove the starter and hook it up direct to see if it will turn.

What if your 98 3.1 lumina wanted to start but wont turn over and now all you hear is a clicking noise when you try and start it?

Bad battery, starter, or loose or corroded cables.

Why is my battery dead and i hear a clicking noise coming from your brake light switch when you try to use anything that requires power Power locks power windows lights etc?

You won't hear a clicking noise from my brake light switch it doesn't make that noise.

You have a1993 Toyota celica you hear a clicking noise under your glovebox when you turn the ignition it will not turn over?

sounds like your selinoid is bad. it might be separate from your starter or it might be attached. that means you can get a new one or try a new starter

Noise when turning right 1992 Honda prelude?

what kind of noise do u hear. clicking, poping, or skweek etc.

What are the symptoms of bad CV axle?

When turning left or right, you will hear a clicking noise.

Why do i hear a clicking noise when i try to start my 1998 Chevy s10 pickup?

Your battery is dead.

Is there any way to check the starter reday?

<p><p>Have you checked first if the suspect relay makes a clicking noise when activated?...all relays do this. If you dont hear the click, replace it. still not happy?.....Replace the suspect relay with a similiar one from your vehicle that you know works. Again, check to hear the click when the relays activated. No click, replace

What noise do you hear when the speedometer is going bad?

Sometimes a clicking or grinding Sometimes speedometer needle will fluctuate

Why dont fighter jets make noise?

They do make noise. If they fly very high, then you can't hear them.

How can you tell if the starter contacts are bad in 96 Toyota Tercel?

Take out the starter take take off the back lid and you will see the two clips inside that rub against the motor kind of like motor brushes. if they are worn replace them and you will have a new starter. you will hear a clicking noise when they are bad and you will not get your starter to start. Toyota starters do not go bad(quality product). Bedros

What does your car sound like when you try to start it and thebattery is dead?

you'll hear a constant clicking noise with no motor rotation, or you'll hear nothing at all

When key is turned you hear a clicking sound?

A clicking sound, when trying to start the engine, indicates a dead battery or poor (dirty) battery or starter relay connections.The clicking sound is the starter relay(soleniod) not getting enough power to hold it's contact points together.

Where is the starter relay found in the 1988 Toyota Cressida?


91 stealth es every time you go to start it you hear a sparatic clicking noise can anyone help you?

My 93 Stealth es was doing the same thing..low battery or starter it was on mine, replace both and sound is gone.