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make payment arrangements on the deficiency???? IF you mean the amount you're in DEFAULT on, NO If you mean the amount due AFTER they sell it, USUALLY NOT. Why?? You couldn't pay notes on a car you could drive, so why would they think you will pay on a car you DONT HAVE??? NO lender WANTS to repo a car, they just want the money. So when they have to repo a car, they will go after the money very seriously. Nothing personal, its only money...

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Q: When your car is repossessed will the finance company generally allow you to make payment arrangements on the deficiency or demand payment in full?
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How can you have your car repossessed i lost my job and can't afford it.?

Did you give it back to the finance company? If you still have the car, job or no job, they will be expecting a payment every month. You may be able to call them and make payment arrangements with them.

What is the tow company in the show Repossessed?

Jam Recovery Inc.

Does a repossession company get paid if car is not repossessed?

Some do, most do not.

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Can a vehicle that is without a lienholder be repossessed by a company before a lien is filed?


Can you get your car back if its repossessed?

Yes. If the payment is made to the finnance company.

Can you be sued if you let your mobile home be repossessed?

You can be sued by the finance company to recover any money still owed to them after they auction the repossessed mobile home.

Can the car company that repossessed your car keep your personal property in it?

No Way. Its Your Stuff !

If you have a car repossessed can the loan company keep you from receiving a tax refund?


Can a motorcycle purchased on credit card be repossessed?

A motorcycle that was paid for on a credit card can not be repossessed considering the credit card company paid the dealer. You must pay the card company back though or they can take you to court.

How do you find out where your repossessed car is to reclaim your personal property in Indiana?

Call your finance company.

Owner of car stole it back from repossession company?

If it was repossessed legally then he is guilty of theft

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