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When your fuel tank is low in your 1993 Lumina is it pressure or vacuum you hear when you open the cap?

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it is vacuum,caused by the cars emission system

2006-09-22 00:29:22
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Q: When your fuel tank is low in your 1993 Lumina is it pressure or vacuum you hear when you open the cap?
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Where is the fuel pressure regulator located on 1993 Lumina APV 3.1L?

the fuel pressure regulator is located behind the drive belt close to the top

Where is the fuel pressure regulator on 1991 Chevy Lumina 3.1 Euro?

where is the fuel pressure regulator on1991 lumina 3.1 /

Where is the Fuel Pump located on a 1990 Chevrolet Lumina Euro?

If its like the 1993 Lumina it's in the fuel tank.

Why would a 1993 mustang run lean?

Low fuel pressure (fuel pump, pressure regulator, fuel filter), vacuum leak, partially blocked/fouled injectors.

Why is there fuel in the vacuum hose of a 1993 Chevy Lumina Euro Sport?

Not real familiar with the vehicle and not much info to go on but my guess is possibly a faulty or damaged diaphragm in the "fuel pressure regulator", which is located where the return to tank fuel line connects to the large metal fuel line that the injectors are connected to or "fuel-rail", . That is the only link between fuel system and vacuum system in a fuel injected engine that I can think of.

What is recommended fuel pressure for 2001 Nissan frontier 4-cylinder?

the fuel pressure without vacuum is 34psi. and with vacuum 43psi.

What is the fuel pressure on the fuel rail supposed to be on a 1994 lumina?

If it is a 3.1 9-13 psi.

How do you relieve fuel pressure in a 1997 Chevy lumina?

ask a mechanic to do it for you

What is the stock fuel pressure for a 1992 GMC Typhoon?

Stock base fuel pressure is 42 psi. This is the pressure when the vacuum hose is removed from the fuel pressure regulator. The vacuum hose must be plugged when its removed from the regulator.

Where does the vacuum line go from the fuel pressure regulator on a 2000 Chevy 4.3 vortex?

It doesn't have a vacuum line attached to the fuel pressure regulator.

How do you control the pressure for the fuel pump in a Volvo 740 gl none turbo?

There is a vacuum controlled pressure regulator on the fuel rail. Check for vacuum leaks. If the unit is faulty, it will often leak fuel into the vacuum line.

Fuel pump location 1993 Lumina?

Most fuel pumps on post 1980's vehicles are found in the fuel tank.

Location of fuel filter on 1993 Chevy lumina apv van?

Should be in the fuel line, near fuel pump check it

Where is fuel regulator for 1995 Kia Sportage?

Disable the fuel pump and relieve the fuel system pressure.Tip: Safety Tip:Always wear safety glasses when working on your vehicle. Wear other personal protective equipment (PPE) when necessary, for example latex gloves or safety shoes.Tip: Locate the fuse box in your owner's manual and disconnect the fuse to the fuel pump. Crank the engine until the vehicle dies to relieve any fuel pressure.Disconnect the fuel line and install a fuel pressure gauge. Reconnect the fuse to the fuel pump.Start the engine and check for leakage around the gauge connections.Disconnect the vacuum hose from the fuel pressure regulator and attach a hand held vacuum pump to the port on the fuel pressure regulator.Read the fuel pressure gauge when a vacuum is applied to the fuel pressure regulator and also when no vacuum is applied. The fuel pressure should decrease as vacuum increases, and increase as vacuum decreases. Compare your readings with the value in your vehicle's specifications.Reconnect the vacuum hose to the regulator and check the fuel pressure at idle, comparing your reading with the value in your vehicle's specifications. Disconnect the vacuum hose and watch the gauge- the pressure should jump up as soon as the hose is disconnected. If it doesn't, proceed to step 8.If the fuel pressure is low, pinch the fuel return line shut and watch the gauge. If the pressure doesn't rise, the fuel pump is defective or there is a restriction in the fuel feed line. If the pressure rises sharply, replace the fuel pressure regulator.If the fuel pressure is too high, turn the engine off. Disconnect the fuel return line and blow through it to check for a blockage. If there is no blockage, replace the fuel pressure regulator.Connect a vacuum gauge to the fuel pressure regulator vacuum hose. Start the engine and check for a vacuum. If there isn't a vacuum present, check for a clogged hose or vacuum port. If the amount of vacuum is adequate, replace the fuel pressure regulator.Before replacing the fuel pressure regulator, relieve the fuel system pressure again. Disconnect the cable form the negative battery terminal.Clean any dirt from the around the fuel pressure regulator.Detach the vacuum hose from the fuel pressure regulator.Remove any bolts that attach the fuel pressure regulator to the fuel rail and remove the fuel pressure regulator.Install new O - rings on the fuel pressure regulator and lubricate them with a light coat of oil.Tighten the fuel pressure regulator mounting bolts securely.Verify this repair has been properly completed by using a vacuum gage. If the readings on the gage match manufacturer's specifications the repair has been successfully completed.

What is a fuel or a gas regulator for the Pontiac Grand Am?

The fuel pressure regulator controls fuel pressure at the fuel injectors. It uses vacuum pressure to control the pressure. It is positioned on the end of the fuel rail. If they leak, fuel will go into vacuum line causing hesitation on start-up and the smell of gas at exhaust. Warning, Fuel is under pressure. Disconnect battery and release pressure before replacement.

What is the name of the device that connects on the vacuum line between the Fuel Pressure Regulator and the intake manifold on a 1993 Mazda Protege?

resonance chamber

What is fuel pressure om 96 integra type r?

With vacuum line (from fuel pressure regulator) OFF and pinched , pressure should be between 47-54 psi. With vacuum line ON fuel pressure egulator, pressure should be between 38-46 psi.

How do you regulate the pressure in the fuel line of a 2000 Malibu?

The vehicle does this on its own with a vacuum operated fuel pressure regulator.

What causes too much air in fuel rail in your 1993 Chevy lumina 31 multi port engine?

Look on top of the engine at the inlet side of the fuel line from the fuel tanj and you will fine a Fuel Pressure Regulator. have it checked. It sound like it is stuck open. It is suppose to open and close to regulate the proper pressure to each of the fuel injectors.

Where is the fuel pressure regulator in a 1993 Mazda mx3?

The fuel pressure regulator is located on the fuel rail of the vehicle.

When does the fuel pressure regulator have the most vacuum?

At idle or deceleration.

Where is the fuel pressure regulator sensor located on a 1999 KIA Sportage?

there is no fuel pressure regulator " sensor ", there is a fuel pressure regulator controled by vacuum located at the front end of the fuel rail.

Where is fuel pump on 2001 Suzuki VL 800 Volusia?

There is none. It only has a fuel pressure regulator, the fuel is gravity and vacuum fed (via carb vacuum)

What other than fuel pump rgulates fuel to injector?

fuel pressure regulator on the fuel rail it will have a vacuum line on it

Why would a 1993 MX6 have no power and hesitate still after replacing the distributor cap plug wires plugs fuel and air filters checked timing fuel pressure and vacuum?

Plugged catalytic converter?