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Is this a sand filter? How many valves control the flow of water? It appears the b/w valve is defective.

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Q: When your pump is on it sends water out the drain in your back yardno matter if you have the main drain valve closed or open How do you fix this problem?
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An open drain has no covers while a covered drain does.

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Waste products can harden and can block the open drain.

How do you drain a Bosch dishwasher?

All dishwashers are self draining. If it doesn't drain possibly the drain or bottom pan filter is blocked - or there is a problem with the pump.All dishwashers are self draining. If it doesn't drain possibly the drain or bottom pan filter is blocked - or there is a problem with the pump.

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== ==

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There is no drain on an AC condenser it is a closed pressurised system. To drain it you have to hook up a machine that sucks the freon out.

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The drain is located on the lower right of the radiator and is opened or closed with a screwdriver. It is a plastic plug that does not come out. The surge tank cap must be open for the antifreeze to drain.

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The drain is blocked. Either that or theres a problem with the wash program. locate the drain and try unblocking first. Sink and drain unblocker may be a good starting point.

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your kitchen drain and floor drain are on same line, and needs to be snaked

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" fix" is too general. We need an idea of what the problem is.

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As long as the drain basket for the disposal will fit the drain hole in the sink, there shouldn't be a problem

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If an abcess is not drained, it will drain itself..the problem is where it drains can cause some very serious problems,,and in some cases death.

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