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Yes, that is the legal age to drive a car, but many children rarely get their licence at 16, rather 17.

Another View: 16 may be the legal age in some states, but it is by no means the legal age in all states. Check carefully with your local state DMV.

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Q: When your sixteen do you drive a car?
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Why do you call the age of sixteen sweet sixteen?

because you can drive at sixteen and that normally means you get a car.

What states do you have to be sixteen to drive a car?

Every one.

How old do you have to be to drive a car in NY?

16 (sixteen)

Can you drive a car when your sixteen?

The minimum driving age in the majority of states is 16

What brand of sports car does Jake Ryan drive in Sixteen Candles?

911 twin turbo

Can you get your drivers license at the age of sixteen if you were born in 1995?

no you can drive a car at 25 and a ped at the age of 21

If you own a car but your sixteen year old Grandson will drive it but he lives with parent can he be insured on her policy?

i think so

How to learn how to drive a car when you are sixteen?

Get a learners permit for practice, then take the test when you are ready. no kidding dummy ha

If you pass your tractor test at sixteen can you drive quads legally on the road?

No you can't you have to wait until your 17 an have a car license.

What should you do for your sweet sixteen?

drive a plane that spells I'm sixteen

If you are sixteen with a permit can you drive alone?

Until you earn your license, you must have another licensed person in the car with you. They must be over 18.

Is it illegal to get your licence when you are sixteen and drive kids around in your car?

Check your state rules. In Georgia you have to have your license for at least 6 months before you can drive with anybody in your car that isn't in your immediate family. I think it's okay if they are brothers/sisters.