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Marriage is about trust. If you think you can trust her you should get back together. If you feel that the trust is gone, the marriage will never be quite right and there will always be suspicion and a wedge between the two of you. Statistically, you probably won't be able to make it work, but everyone wants to believe that they can beat the odds. Whatever you decide, understand that it's difficult. In my opinion, if someone really loves you, they would do anything in their power to maintain trust. They would do everything they could to keep their loved one happy and content. Therefore, someone who cheats is disrespectful, and is stating their true feelings. They do not love you. Anyone who loves you will respect you and treat you as good as they possibly can.

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What are different forms of cuckoldry?

Your wife cheats on you with another man. Your wife cheats on you with another woman. Your wife cheats on you with a dog. Your wife cheats on you with a horse...

Will you forgive your wife if she cheats?

You can forgive her; do you want to stay with a wife who cheats? I will forgive her once. Probably not twice.

What if your in the military and your wife cheats?

If you are in the army and your wife cheats on you, then you can very well go ahead and file a divorce against the wife, on grounds of being unfaithful.

What are the release dates for Should a Wife Come Back - 1920?

Should a Wife Come Back - 1920 was released on: USA: April 1920

How different is a marriage after the husband cheats?

After a husband cheats and comes home to his wife, he has broken that serious bond of trust and will have to earn it back which will take months to possibly a year or more. The relationship between the husband and wife will not be the same as she will always be reminded of his cheating and wondering if he still is cheating. Time is the factor to gain the trust back and treating the wife with respect and with love. If the husband cannot display this affection he would be doing her a favor of leaving her.

Should I take back a divorced man after he decided to go back with ex and family and it didn't work.?

How you can blame a guy for trying to make it work with children and wife?

What does it say about the man who cheats on his wife brings the women he cheats with to his home and has sex with that women in his bed he shares with his wife?

Such a man would not appear to respect his wife or his marriage vows.

How do you get you wife back after a divorce and she lives with an old friend?

you get your wife back by getting her flowers and getting her a new ring and telling her you miss her but that you take back what you did wrong.

If he cheats on his wife with you?

Then in the unlikely event that he leaves her for you, he will one day cheat on you with another. You should move on, now. He's not worth it, and it's not fair to the wife who has done you no wrong.

What is the name of that movie where the black guy with an Afro gets beat by his wife?

the madea movie? where he cheats and then he gets paralyzed and she goes back?

What are cheats for zombie apocalypses?

Cheat on your wife

Why doesnโ€™t Crusoe take his wife back to the island with him?

she was dying.

Can an Ex wife take her maiden name back?


Should you forgive your wife after commiting adultery?

If you still love your wife and care about here even if she did this terrible thing. Then yes, you should forgive her. This does not mean that you have to continue the relationship or take her back. It just means you need to forgive her and move on with your life.

Should man take bath after put finger in wife anus?

he should take bath with fire

Where should a wife and husband sit in a car when a lady friend is driving?

Either together in the back seat, or the wife in the front with the friend and the husband in the back.

What should you do his family is contacting me?

Maybe you should take a step back and ask youself if he is being honest with you. If he lied to his wife, he will lie to you. Maybe the family is contacting you to see if stories match. End your relationship, stop the contact and see how he reacts. If he really loves his wife, it won't bother him, if he really want's to be with you, he will do everything to get you back. But, is he worth it? Remember, if he can lie to his wife he can lie to you.

Can an ex-wife take back her maiden name?


What is married man called who cheats on his wife?


If your wife gets sole custody of your children can she still take you back to court for reasons other than an increase in child support?

I believe that the wife can take you back to court for changes in visitation scheduling. She can take you back to court for obtaining clarity on the visitation which you have been granted.

What was the verdict in the abuse trial in Things Fall Apart?

The verdict was that man and woman should not fight as husband and wife. The man should offer wine to his relatives and the wife should go back. The man should beat his wife no more.

When should you sleep naked?

When you married tell your wife/husband to go to work so you can stay home and then when he/she is gone you can take all your clothes off and be naked until your wife/husband get's back home.

In Texas a wife gets the family home in a divorce using a warranty deed. But the wife does not refinance the home loan. If the wife defaults on the home loan can the husband take back the home?

he can take it back <3 all my people i am a lawyer!!

What is the name for a woman whose husband cheats on her?

There is no special name for a woman whose husband cheats on her. The name of a man whose wife cheats on him is a cuckold.

If a cheating husband gets upset when his wife cheats on him considered hypocritical?

They are both hypocrites for cheating in the first place. They should obviously not be together.