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When your wife cheats on you should you take her back?

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2007-07-02 03:41:24

Marriage is about trust. If you think you can trust her you

should get back together. If you feel that the trust is gone, the

marriage will never be quite right and there will always be

suspicion and a wedge between the two of you. Statistically, you

probably won't be able to make it work, but everyone wants to

believe that they can beat the odds. Whatever you decide,

understand that it's difficult. In my opinion, if someone really

loves you, they would do anything in their power to maintain trust.

They would do everything they could to keep their loved one happy

and content. Therefore, someone who cheats is disrespectful, and is

stating their true feelings. They do not love you. Anyone who loves

you will respect you and treat you as good as they possibly


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